Gilet Named Greta…

A “Greta” waistcoat is undoubtedly the most popular item in my collection.
Most of them find their loving owners fairly quickly and I receive upbeat messages from Letizia, informing their departures from her boutique, DiGuardo.
I named this gilet as “Greta” because of its discreetly emphasised shoulder detail…


The shoulders are slightly puffed-up like Greta Garbo striking her signature masculine pose…


I just love the fact that a string of yarn can somehow morphs into a solid object, like a simple doodle taking up a 3-D shape…


Through endless trial & error, the optimum numbers of stitch for each row was established. Yet, I can’t still help treating each project as a work in progress…


By the way, the shade of the yarn is strikingly similar to this ancient Instagram-like snap I came across at  the Photographers Gallery the other day…


Apparently, tomorrow will be a crisp and cold day. Will any of my babies find someone’s shoulders to cuddle?…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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