The Lucky One…

A motorcycle jackets was my eternal obsession which never waned no matter how old I became.
Ever since I watched Marlon Brando in “The Wild One” with that leather jacket, and of course, that cap and pair of tear-drop shades, it had been forever etched in the back of my retina…



Alas, I had the body but of a 5’2″ tall and size UK6 woman; but I had the heart and stomach of any wannabe biker chick. Therefore, my quest for a perfect motorcycle jacket had been serious and uncompromising.
Then, my tenacious search finally bore fruit on Brick Lane last Sunday…


While I was sauntering along Brick Lane, I came across one leather goods shop and casually walked in.
Not expecting much, I flicked through their rails, and then, there it was, my dream biker jacket, hanging in front of me. Instantly, I knew the jacket was the one for me.

Even though the size was XXS, all important detail on the jacket was not economised…



The jacket was laden with functioning zips and rivets. And the leather was super soft and supple.

God knows why anyone decided to make this amazing biker jacket in a petite size?
The shop assistant told me that the jacket was unsold for quite a while because of its unusually small fit.
Anyway, it is mine now. The jacket takes up a prime place in my wardrobe…


And I am sure Johnny would no longer consider me being so square…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

12 thoughts on “The Lucky One…

  1. That is a beautiful jacket! I’m so jealous(≧∇≦)!I find that leather jackets don’t suit me as I have broad shoulders but I’m glad you managed to find one! Also, apologies for all the notifications- I’m trying to type this message via the WordPress app but it keeps freezing and I’ve pressed the “follow blog” button so many times while trying to comment! Hahaha

    • Oh dear, WordPress app is not very good? I am thinking about updating my blog through iPhone while my stay in Japan after Xmas. Did I tell you about my trip? If you need anything from UK, please do let me know.
      About the leather jacket, my body has no feminine curve and hip is very narrow, therefore, I have to emphasise my shoulders. Mmm… Everyone has an issue with its own body image.
      I went out with the jacket & nearly caught another cold. It’s so cold in London now. How is Tokyo? 😀

      • The app isn’t too bad actually, but maybe because my iphone is so old (iphone 3GS!) the touchscreen is a big dodgy so that’s why my experience with it hasn’t been that great 😛
        Oh wow!! You’re coming over after Xmas? It would be great if we could meet up 🙂 Thank you for the lovely offer though!
        Actually I’ve actually started to come down with a cold too since it’s become a lot cooler here in Tokyo, which is why I haven’t really been blogging 😦 I’ve just been snuggled up in bed when I haven’t been going to classes! Hope you’re keeping well too 🙂

      • I keep on having a problem with Instagram too! The app crashes every time I use it. It must be a glitch which has to be fixed by the app’s designer.
        Yes, I am coming to Japan! Flying out on 27th and staying there for 3 weeks. So definitely, we will meet up in Tokyo. Are you coming down with cold? Actually, Japanese cold remedies are very effective – I’ve found them much better than British counterparts, therefore, go and get some from your local chemist. Don’t suffer cold turkey. Paul came back from a busy business trip from China yesterday with cold too. I’ve just getting rid of British cold after long 3weeks. Do I have to have Chinese one too?! I am very weary… Wrap up warm and take care x 😷

  2. Oh my god! That is one beautiful jacket! I feel so jealous. But the thing is, for me, I think leather jackets doesn’t look good on me. That’s why I always keep on ditching whenever I see one. ;-(

    I have a new blogpost. It’s called #BIRTHDAY2013. You might want to check it out? And leave a mark, maybe. 😉

    • Thank you the comment!
      Yes, a motorcycle jacket is a bit costume-like, isn’t it? For women, it’s easier to wear because lots of female celebs wear and a bang on trend this season.
      I shall definitely visit your blog. Thank you for letting me know! 😊

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