London Morning in Rain…

Yesterday, I took my car to the garage near Tower of London for an annual check-up.
It had been nearly a year since I bought the car as brand new and the car had clocked up less than 2000 miles. Yet one day recently, its tire pressure warning popped up on the dashboard and refused to turn itself off even after I checked the tire pressure. Since the arrival of winter was imminent, I thought it must be best to be examined by their mechanics.

The garage was located on The Highway, a stone’s throw from Tower of London…


After depositing the car, I headed towards Tower of London, but oh my, what an unattractive stretch of the road it was! And so many traffic police on the wayside. Later, I was told that the police were there to pull in any over-laden HGVs passing by in order to fine them…
Once I reached Tower of London, instead of catching tube home at Tower Hill, I thought ‘Hmmm… How about grabbing breakfast at Borough Market?’ So I walked towards Tower Bridge.
Tower of London, looking imposing & forlorn…


I had never been gifted with any sensitivity to supernatural presence but  still couldn’t help checking those medieval windows in search of Anne Boleyn and Kathryn Howard, poor wives of Henry VIII. And of course, I found none.

It had been raining heavily the night before. The weather forecast I checked before I left home predicted a dry spell during the day. However, the sky indicated otherwise…


At this point, the heavens started spitting. And the wind increased its strength…


On the bridge, I saw the Thames at low ride and its browny banks exposed under the blue grey sky. From Tower Pier, a river bus was gliding out, heading towards Greenwich. ‘Oh I must use River Bus instead of tube next time I visit Greenwich!’, I made a mental note.

Shall I visit Tower Bridge Exhibition?


Another madding idea. Alas, the door wouldn’t open until 9:30 and the prospect of having to hang around for nearly half an hour on the windswept bridge wasn’t so appealing. Therefore, I opted against acting upon my whim this time.

By the time I reached the City Hall, the spit turned to proper rain so I put up my umbrella.
Around London Bridge station, the sight was rather depressing. The pavements were awash with the crowd churned out by the station, all sporting frown lines across their foreheads. Dodging pedestrians as well as uneven paving stones, I made my way to Borough Market.
Unfortunately, all popular cafés were swamped by the people taking sanctuary from the pouring rain. I didn’t see the point of standing in the rain with coffee & pastry, therefore, I turned my heel and headed back to the station. *ARGH!*

Good old OZONE on Leonard Street near Old Street station…


Soothing murmurs in the place was a world apart from the miserable chaos around London Bridge…


I ordered flat white with almond croissant…


The croissant was enormous and rather dry. Peeling off layers of the pastry, I wondered if I fared better in Borough Market. Nah, it’s nicer to keep my feet dry in here.

Around 13:00 the garage sent me SMS, informing my car was ready for collection. So, I hopped on a No.15 bus after running a few errands in West End.
While the bus was crawling by St.Paul’s Cathedral, I saw temporary viewing stands being erected in preparation for the Remembrance Sunday…


Don’t you think the clouds look like a gigantic flock of sheep walking across the sky?…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

6 thoughts on “London Morning in Rain…

  1. great shots. The Victorians bizarrely thought Tower Bridge was hideous when it was first built, something which makes no sense to me – As far as I can see it’s beautiful. The exhibition is def worth visiting BTW when you get a chance

    • Hi Lindsey
      Yes, I wish if I were there on the bridge so damn early. If the weather didn’t look so ominous and I wasn’t that hungry, I would have visited the exhibition. While I was looking at River Bus, I thought I could visit Greenwich via the Thames, to National Maritime Museum, then through Greenwich Foot Tunnel to Mudchute Farm, then back to Central London via DLR. Or maybe the itinerary is too ambitious for a short autumn day… (^_^;)

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