Dazzling Yet Functional…

The rain kept on coming down all day yesterday.
I took Mr.B out on the street to spend a penny but he wasted no time sniffing around. Just finished his business as quickly as he could and bee-lined to the warmth of our flat. Well, are you really sure that you and those hardy sheepdogs share the same DNA?
It sounds so far-fetched when I see his behaviour…



Hubbie was still in Hong Kong and I needed something to cheer me up.
Then, a DHL courier arrived at my door step with a small box from Net A Porter…


As always, the sight of their distinctive black packaging made my heart to palpitate even though I knew exactly what was in inside!



Karl Lagerfeld’s bejewelled fingerless gloves.


For me, gloves must be fingerless  because of my excessive reliance on my iPhone. You don’t know how many normal gloves were lost in the past because I had to take them off in order to touch the screen…


How does it look?
The gloves were size S/M but still slightly on the large side for me.

While I was knitting another Meringue jumper in blue velvet, Letizia texted me that my gilet in denim blue found a new owner…


Mmmm…, my stock in DiGuardo is depleting. I must keep on knitting more…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

4 thoughts on “Dazzling Yet Functional…

  1. Those are some gorgeous gloves! I wish I could wear the fingerless type but my fingertips get too cold. And yes, I have lost many right-hand gloves and just bought another two pairs a few days ago!

    • Well, the gloves didn’t turn out as good as I thought. I discovered it with horror that those stones were secured with cheap double-sided tapes! After just wearing one evening, one of the stones was already coming loose. I’ve written a furious letter to Net-A-Porter and they were very apologetic. But I am still very angry because this is yet another example that those luxury brands are ripping normal people off. I thought I was paying for the quality. Sadly, I was betrayed. I am gonna blog about the matter so others like me won’t be disappointed like I did…😡

      • Oh, I’m sorry to hear that happened to you! So disappointing that such a high-end brand would be capable of such shoddy work. At least you’re being very pro-active about this and taking matters in to your own hands. Looking forward to reading your blog post.

      • I am soooooo angry! They’ve got a cheek charging a premium price for something so cheaply made like this pair. Sooner or later all stones will fall out and they will be flooded with angry complaints like mine. I don’t understand why they want to jeopardise their reputation by cutting corner like this. It’s plainly stupid…😤

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