Wild Kingdom @ Siren Gallery, Dalston

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending “Wild Kingdom”, the event showcasing a select group of designers at Siren Gallery, Dalston.
When I got to the venue around 19:00, the place was already buzzing with an excited crowd, exchanging pleasantry and ogling beautiful offerings on display…


I brought Mr.B with me because of the fireworks. It appeared some idiots still could not get enough of lighting stupid rockets in their backyards. *SIGH*


The event was organised by Jacey of Jacey Withers London who founded his jewellery line which was highly acclaimed and well received home and abroad …


The collection seemed to be inspired by the beauties of nature…




Animals, feathers, plants, mystical creatures, legendary motifs, they were transformed to ultra seductive jewellery pieces. The way Jacey worked with materials was so complicated and awe-inspiring.

My friend, Fei Wang, who invited me to the event was also showcasing her highly coveted collection…


Her sunglasses were greatly in demand, especially by discerning oriental ladies who love to have original and fashionable shades but also want them to be comfortable to wear…


Each frame was lovingly hand-made in UK…


Fei’s frames were not plastic but made from top quality Italian acetate. At her factory, sheets of acetate were plied according to her specification in order to create a highly unique finish.

Another items intrigued my antenna was Feather.M


The brand was founded by Leo Featherman in 2012.  Her iconic pentagonal bag came in various sizes and finishes. Her attention to detail did not end on the outside but it was carried on reflecting on the material and finish employed for the inside of the bags. They were lined beautifully and it was a pleasure to slip in my hand into them.

Another amazing point of her product was this python bag, named as “Friday Clutch”…


Could you believe that the clutch would glow in the dark? How cool would it be?
It would be very useful when I were to be lost in a dark night club. I would just hold up the bag above my head and my friends could find me.

Next to Leo’s sleek handbags, there were lovely silk scarves on display…


They were by Silken Favours, the brand created by Victoria Murdoch. Ever since Liberty of London picked up her silk cushions, her collection had been amassing fans of her kitsch yet irresistable artworks…






It was a lovely occasion to catch up with old friends as well as to meet new people. I was so inspired and energised.
Like Earl Nightingale famously quoted,  “Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm”, we, all like-minded creators, have to fuel each other with our enthusiasm in order to move forward together and fill our environment with beautifully original things…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

15 thoughts on “Wild Kingdom @ Siren Gallery, Dalston

    • Fei’s sunglasses are vey well made and highly original. I bought her sunglasses years ago and since then, we became a good friend. She is very passionate about her shades. I cannot recommend any higher 😊

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