That pair of crystal embellished fingerless gloves by Karl Lagerfeld I bought through Net-A-Porter, it turned out not that dazzling after all but more like a huge disappointment.
I wore them once when I went out to join the aforementioned event at Siren Gallery and upon my return home, I noticed one of the crystals was already coming off! After a mere few hours wear, how could this happen!


After a close examination, I discovered in horror that the crystal in concern was stuck to the leather with just double-sided tape!!


No craws nor stitching are securing them on the gloves!  How cheaply they have been manufactured, I am appalled.
By buying big name designer brands from reputable retailers, I used to feel like giving myself some sense of security. However, this discovery not only has left me a nasty aftertaste but also disillusioned me completely.
I am disgusted and disgruntled by the way this particular designer’s brand is trying to rip off ordinary consumers like me. Gluing plastic stones on thin leather and charging £89 for that? Absolutely despicable!

I have contacted Net-A-Porter already and the gloves are going back to them for a full refund…


Anyone who reads this blog entry, please be aware of this scam. Because you are buying an expensive disappointment…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

10 thoughts on “Disillusionment…

    • I couldn’t believe my eyes when I discovered what was happening under those stones! Double-sided tape?! Then, I got so mad. How cheeky & cheap can it be? I shan’t let them get away with it ever 😡

    • Indeed! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I discovered what was underneath the crystal. A strip of double-sided tape?! I felt so annoyed because they were a big designer brand which would command a premium price on any of their merchandise. Yet, they were clearly have no intension of delivering the quality they were expected of. I will never buy anything from them ever again 😡

  1. I think it has gotten to the point where some big brands are so overconfident that they think people wouldn’t mind the quality as long as they have the “brand”. Sad.

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