Gravity @ Barbican Cinema

Oh my god, I take my hat off to Alfonso Cuarón, the creator of “Gravity”!
The film was an absolute visual feast and its special effect was stunning. By the time closing credits appeared on the screen, Hubbie and I were utterly exhausted and felt weak on our knees.
The narrative may be a bit too linear, as Hubbie and I have found. But for the special effect alone, the film is worth watching.
Well, I’d better not to divulge too much details in here. I have no intention of spoiling anyone’s fun. Please watch it and tell me about your opinion…


We watched it at Barbican Cinema 1 on Silk Street…


Fooling around with my 3D glasses. I didn’t know how exhausting watching film could be then…


Kaori by Kaori Okumura

12 thoughts on “Gravity @ Barbican Cinema

    • You really must watch it! The visual effect was unbelievably good. I just felt dizzy & weak on my knee. Like having gone through a violent amusement park ride, I was a wreck until I had a cup of tea at home. It was quite something… 😱 xxxx

  1. I can’t wait to see this! But whenever I have time to go it’s only the 3D version that’s showing at that time. I can’t watch in 3D, I always get a terrible headache. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed it so much, I need to get to the theaters before it’s gone!

    • Paul also tends to have a headache after watching film with a 3D effect. But he was alright this time so you may be? The special effect was just amazing. I was clinging to his arm all the time! It was very fast pace and mesmerising. You really must watch it in cinema, not on TV or PC!! 😜

  2. Very gripping indeed! Entirely based on the visuals too (script must have been just a few paragraphs)… And although, in my opinion, there is still room for technical improvement, the 3D has come a long way. I share your enthusiasm completely! xxx

    • I was clinging to my husband’s arm all the time. It felt like a scary roller coaster ride! The time had passed very quickly. Yes, SFX is getting more & more complicated and impressive. As long as visual effect doesn’t compromise storyline, I am all for it 😊

    • It was something, wasn’t it? I was on the edge of my seat all the tim and felt the film so short! My heart was in my mouth from the beginning to the end. It was physically taxing. I never experienced anything like that at cinema! 😳

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