J Crew @ Regent Street

Last Friday was the very first day when an American fashion chain, J Crew opened their UK flagship store on 165 Regent Street. Ever since I had learnt their plan of coming to London in early this year, I was looking forward to trying their signature preppie look. I alighted a No.19 bus at Piccadilly Circus and walked up Regent Street, being apprehensive. Will I have to a huge queue to get in?…


I was relieved to find there was no crowd but a smily security guard at the door. It was already passed 14:00. And the atmosphere on the shop floor was much calmer than I expected…


However, it looked rather dishevelled, resembling a scene from the shop floor of Primark…


Maybe to do with the sheer amount of merchandise on display, I couldn’t help feeling slightly cramped…



Everything was in disarray. And it was all hands on deck for the staff, trying to straighten things up…



I was hugely disappointed that they didn’t stock any item in petite sizing at their flagship store. Why didn’t they? Their neighbours, Banana Republic did and so did Topshop. I was hoping to try on one of their chambray shirts in petite. So I was gutted. However, a super helpful staff assured me that they would accept any internet return at their till as long as it was bought through J Crew’s UK web store. Oh well, I may consider it…

Next door to the women’s store was their men’s store and it appeared much less disturbed…


The place was filled with shirts and jeans in all shades and patterns. And again, the staff was very cheerful and helpful.
All in all, I did like their very wearable casual chic style…


When I headed up towards Oxford Circus, the heavens suddenly opened and the rain came down on the street heavily…


Once the initial craze dies down, I shall revisit the store again and have a good look around…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

14 thoughts on “J Crew @ Regent Street

  1. I love J. Crew, how exciting to hear that it’s now in London! I was so hooked on their sweaters when I was in college, I think I had one in every color. And to this day, my favorite peacoat is a long, red one that I bought from them maybe 10 years ago. And yes, the purse that I carry on a daily basis is my camel colored J. Crew one. People are always asking me where I got it. This post has put me in such a mood to go shopping there tomorrow!

    • Everyone was so eagerly waiting for their arrival in UK! Apparently, people waited in a long queue before the opening. I am sure the shop as well as the crowd were happy because the weather stayed on the dry side. I just had a quick look last Friday. Therefore I shall return properly later this week 😊

  2. I was wondering what the Brits would think about J. Crew. I used to love them and shopped there often. Over the years though, their quality has gotten worse and worse– I’ve thrown away several sweaters after wearing them only a couple of times– they end up ratty and full of fuzz balls. The last straw was a few weeks ago when I bought a pair of tights and wore them once and hand washed them– they looked like **** so I brought them back and the clerk actually gave me attitude. About their sizing– they take American vanity sizing to a new level– a 0 is actually equal to a 4, if you’re very small you may be sized out (even in petite). The cuts are all really boxy too, I suspect to fit all sizes more easily. I do enjoy their colorful catalogs and occasionally get a great piece though.

    • Oh really? Thank you for the insight! I was thinking about buying their sweater but I may reconsider after reading your experience with them. I own a few “Blythe” silk shirt which I bought in the States 3 years ago. As you say, J Crew’s sizing runs much more generous than UK sizing too! At the moment, all UK media is concerned about is the pricing by J Crew. They swapped dollar sign with pound’s which has made their clothing very expensive for what they are. I do like their signature look of Palm Springs preppie but if the quality doesn’t justify the price, I may not be tempted…😞

  3. I would be very careful with anything knit– only buy these on serious sale, do not spend 200 pounds on a cashmere sweater! Shirts and other fabrics should be fine. Some of their coats and blazers are better made (but buy on sale, there is always a sale going on it seems). I get tempted by their colors but it’s best to stick with cheaper items like their tees (I buy xxs for a fitted look– they stretch out easily).

  4. I went to the J Crew store on Saturday morning when it was raining cats & dogs. I was really excited because I know it from when I lived in the US, and I was hoping for some retail therapy to soothe the weather woes. But, like you, I was disappointed. No petites. And extortionate prices for a chain store. I’ll come back in the sale.

    • Yes, they could have done better pricing, couldn’t they? I think the price went up ever since Mrs.Obama decided to dress in their clothing. I used to like their seasonal jumpers in sweet Shetland jumper and alike. It must have been more than 15 years ago. Their current collection is cute but not as nostalgic as it used to be. As you say, I’ll wait for their new year sale 😊

    • Yes, J Crew was a very late comer to UK. I don’t know why it took them so long to come over here since another American retail giants, such as Banana Republic, A&F, Gap, etc crossed our shore years ago. I visited the store again yesterday, trying out their blazers. It was a great shame that they didn’t stock their petite range in their only UK store…😢

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