Egg Benedict @ The Wolseley

The Wolseley had been one place I always tempted to visit but never managed to do so for no apparent reason. Therefore, I eagerly included the Wolseley in my short-list and forwarded it to Madam Bentley when she suggested a brunch date last week. She must have picked up my secret plea from my email because she proposed the Wolseley from the list. Yippee!

The good old Wolseley. Can’t remember how many time I walked past you. But today, I am walking in instead…


The inside of the restaurant was already a hive of activity.
Under its arched ceiling, chandeliers with a contemporary twist were suspended elegantly. A midday sunshine was flooding in from the large west facing windows, making the Wolseley’s signature monotone interior decor even more striking. As smartly clad diners chatted to their companions animatedly and their cutlery clinked, waiters glided between the tables briskly without lacking their professional grace…


Soon, Madam Bentley and I were ushered to one of the tables and settled into it nicely by their smily receptionist…


Madam Bentley, fresh from her romantic weekend in Brighton…


What did we order for our brunch? Yes, as you probably have guessed it from the title, it was Egg Benedict…


I must say, their Egg Benedict tasted better than the Shepherdess’s. Having said that, it was rightly so because the dish was nearly five times more expensive. Madam Bentley and I munched through our delectable breakfast and chatted about the events of the past four weeks.

After relishing our first visit to the Wolseley, we walked up Old Bond Street, admiring a row of fine jewellery stores as well as their opulent Christmas decorations.
At the junction with Conduit Street, we turned right towards Regent Street…


The sky was full of dramatic looking clouds after early morning rain. It resembled a giant tiger print…


A perfect backdrop for Christmas decorations…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

18 thoughts on “Egg Benedict @ The Wolseley

    • It was very good indeed. The eggs were poached perfectly and the service was impeccable. Having said that a plate of Egg Benedict and a cup of latte costed me $38.00, I expected anything less… 😬

  1. That’s a bargain! I remember asking for a side of roasted carrots at the Wolseley and they brought me one carrot on a platter. For £5.00. It was quite large and had a sprinkling of thyme and it tasted nice, just like a carrot. But £5.00 for one carrot?.. I almost peed my pants laughing.

    • One carrot for a fiver?! That doesn’t obviously include service. Oh no, it’s extortionate. You see we went for their breakfast precisely because they couldn’t charge that much for mere breakfast..👍

  2. I had a great late night dinner there after a show– fun people watching. I was staying right by there a couple weeks ago and tried to get in for brunch or lunch but there was always a wait so I didn’t bother. Thanks for the virtual brunch though! Lovely photos.

  3. Now that looks like a great Egg Benedict! Wow! Now I want one.

    It’s cute that the lady on the right side of the third photo smiled. I don’t know if she intended to but it made the picture more interesting! 🙂

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