Sneak Peek @ Fortnum & Mason

It may sound like being a kill joy but I am not a big fan of Christmas in general.
Every time I see the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street leading up to Christmas Eve, I can’t ignore how commercially driven our modern-day Christmas has become. A supposed to be festive and charitable season now appears to be marred by anxiety and frustration which stems from materialistic obsession. Gifts, parties, drinks, nibbles, expenses, weight gains, etc…


Hubbie is not a kind of guy to make much fuss about Christmas either, therefore, it doesn’t help. I would love to be more starry-eyed about the biggest festive season of the year. Maybe I should make more noise. Should I decorate my window side with brand-new decorations this year?

Before the brunch date last Tuesday, I dropped by Fortnum & Mason on Piccadilly in where Mrs.Bentley and I were to rendezvous.
Even someone like me who was a semi-cynic about Christmas, their festive shop floor was captivating…


It was all commercial, no doubt. However, the charm, glamour and opulence of traditional Christmas was oozing from every merchandise on display…


Hmmm…, nostalgia must be one vital component to create the elixir of Christmas tradition, I admired their splendid ornamentation…


Regrettably, my visit was all too brief, not long enough for a pre-Christmas conditioning therapy.
I must go back there very soon for a proper gift hunting…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

8 thoughts on “Sneak Peek @ Fortnum & Mason

    • I once had an advent calendar with a small chocolate per day. I ate them diligently and ended up with more than a few zits! The one by F&M looked really classy and nice. I may actually get one for this Christmas 🎅

  1. I completely agree Christmas has become commercialized. Still though, it hasn’t lost it’s magic for me. I look forward to Dec. 25 every year, though Christmas in Japan is quite different than I’m used to.

    • The hectoring mass media, through ads and banners, do push us to the certain state of mind when it comes to Christmas, don’t they? Especially, in the UK, the people go a silly length nowadays to buy “must-have” items so they can place them under the trees. Unlike in the US, there isn’t any Thanksgiving sale, therefore, we are expected to pay premium prices. And only to discover, they are slashed to half price in Boxing Day’s sale on 26th. As I grow older, I start to enjoy less because of all those expenses, stress and frustration which customarily accompanies Christmas. When I was a kid, I was so looking forward to it though. I wish if I could time-travel to the times when I was in elementary school.
      Yes, Christmas in Japan is different, isn’t it? It’s all about eating a big cream cake! My dad used to buy a extra large bucket of KFC on Christmas Eve. He loved chicken while my mom detested it. As a kid, I wasn’t allowed to eat junk food too often. Therefore, it was heaven for me. Cream cake & fried chicken. Nothing can beat it, I thought. Now, I would definitely stay away from this colesterol laden combination. Please do blog about the Japanese Christmas as you see it. I would love to read about it. 😊

  2. No pre-xmas sales? No great loss really– I’m always in Europe it seems over Thanksgiving (airfare is the cheapest then) but nothing I ever buy for gifts really goes on sale anyway. I do love (tasteful) xmas decorations and I especially love xmas markets (going to Stockholm, Vienna and Budapest in a few weeks to see the different markets) but I don’t like to see any of that stuff before Thanksgiving. And I detest holiday commercials of any kind. Thanks for sharing your photos– I agree F&M does it nicely, I lusted after their xmas stuff but their prices are outrageous for things like their Christmas crackers (which we don’t really have here).

    • I agree with you entirely about Christmas ads! They are just naff and boring 😩
      Another chore is gift shopping. I don’t mind if I am buying presents for Paul and myself. But for my in-laws… They never give me anything nice. I don’t think it’s deliberate but lacking in taste & flair. Oh well, not this year. We have decided to stay away from a dreary family gathering all together! Instead of joining them in Guilford, we are holing up in Shoreditch, eating healthily and watching our favourite films 😉
      Before it was renewed, the V & A used to have a fantastic Christmas shop. Th shop was all about Victorian Christmas, very rich and ornate. I shall let you know if I come across any romantic Christmas market or shop in London 🎄

    • I haven’t spent Christmas in Japan for ages because of my family obligation in the UK. I normally spend 24 & 25th with Paul’s family and fly out after Boxing Day to be with my mom in Japan. In Japan, Christmas is more for children, eating cream cakes and being given presents, but the New Year celebration has far more importance traditionally. During this coming holidays, I should be able to blog about Japanese festive season from Nagano. Even though my mom doesn’t want to do anything elaborate since my dad passed away, I can take some pictures to share with you 😊

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