Salvation Jane @ City Road

I knew about this eatery since it opened in 2008 but never came around to pay a visit until a fellow blogger, Wandering Cows, kindly recommended their breakfast menu to me.
After dropping by the post office on Old Street, I thought ‘Hey, why don’t I have breakfast at Salvation Jane?’ So instead of walking up City Road northbound, I turned south, towards Moorgate.

The cafe was located next to Oliver’s Yard, a stone’s throw from the famous Bunhill Field Burial Ground


The time was nearly 11:00 and the place was infused with tranquility.
Their decor was not at all  modern and sleek but more like homely and solid. A plenty of comfortable timber chairs and tables dotted around the dining area which put any new customer at ease straight away…


A morning coffee rush crowd was long gone, therefore, the place was sparsely occupied by a small number of customers…



For breakfast, I ordered  sausage sandwich with HG Walter’s pork & leek sausages and tomato relish on sourdough toast with a fried egg…


It was a rather chilly & windy morning and I wanted something meaty to line my stomach.
Apart from the toasted sourdough being rather too tough to handle with my overworked & feeble hands, the dish was an absolute joy to eat. The egg was perfectly runny and their tomato relish was refreshing and moreish.

The service was friendly and efficient. And they appeared to be very serious about their coffee too…


While I was at my table with cutlery in my hands, I noticed the trees outside and their leave were turning red.
The sight intrigued me because most of the leaves I usually came across in London ended up turning brown or yellow in autumn before falling to the ground. Upon leaving the cafe, I decided to investigate this rare sight so walked to the courtyard next door. In the square, I found a row of Momiji, acer palmatum – the Japanese maple trees!
How beautiful they were…


The trees were sporting their signature autumn leaves in flaming red. I remembered there was a large Momiji tree in my parents’ garden. Is it still standing? Must ask Mom next time I call her…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

17 thoughts on “Salvation Jane @ City Road

  1. I like restaurants with a sense of humor. Hangman game as their teaser was a nice touch. Pork and leek sausage…hmm…must have been a nice combination. I don’t think I’ve had that kind of a sausage before. Nice pictures of the trees!

    • British artisan sausages are getting very popular. I also like pork & Apple one as well as lamb & mint one. They are not as crunchy as German frankfurter and not as salty as the Spanish one. I don’t think I ever see any British sausage anywhere other than within the UK. It is a shame because they are quite tasty.
      The trees were gorgeous. I love colourful autumn 😊

      • I absolutely love lamb and mint jelly. I have to look for that sausage! We have specialty gourmet shops that have central european sausages but no uk sausages. 😦

      • Oh, it’s a shame. I am originally from Japan and find no British style sausage in there either. In Japan, German style frankfurters are more norm. Then Spanish one or Italian one. I think British sausages are as tasty as them but nobody seems to know if it even exists! 😢

  2. Oh my goodness, your sausage sandwich looks AMAZING!! I miss eating sausages and eggs! I could cook it here, but I’m a bit lazy hehehe. Your Momiji photo is really beautiful too, I like the way the colours of the leaves contrast against the blue tint of the windows 😀

    • Do you find any British style sausage in Japan? I only found German style frankfurters in my mom’s local supermarkets in Nagano. I guess if you go to expensive department stores in central Tokyo in where almost anything and everything is available, you may find them but it will come with the price 😱 it is a shame because I love British sausages, Cumberland, Lincolnshire, Oxford, apple & sage, pork & leek, lamb & mint… Is your mouth watering?
      The sausage sandwich at Salvation Jane was great. The sausages were not halved but pressed down by grill. So I had a whole 4 sausages on my toast. It was divine. Very honest grub 👍
      The building behind was in a typical the 60’s style but the glazing was making a beautiful contrast with Momiji. Are you enjoying the autumn in the Japanese style? Do you have any tree or garden in your campus?

      • Even though I’ve just had dinner my mouth is salivating after reading about all the different flavoured sausages you described!! Wahhh! I miss English sausages! You are absolutely right, I’ve only really seen German ones here in Japan so far- they’re really into frankfurters here, they have it as part of oden and other dishes.
        I must go to Salvation Jane when I return home next year ^o^

      • Sausage in oden? That’s new. I must try it when I’m in Japan. I love German sausage with Japanese take. It goes wonderfully with ice cold beer. Give me those and a bit if mustard. I am in heaven 😛

      • Ah, WordPress app cut me off! Yes, I am enjoying autumn in Japan, thanks 🙂 how is it in London? There are quite a few trees on he university campus areas but many of the leaves are still pretty green.

      • I have the same problem with WordPress app! It crashes when I try to comment or reply. Let’s hope it won’t misbehave this time. The autumn in London is alright. The Christmas lights on Oxford Street and Regent Street has been lit and TV is full of usual Christmas ads. It’s so dark here and windy. You haven’t missed anything 😁

      • Ah I miss the Christmas lights on Oxford street! I love how they always have a theme to them! I’ve been trying to watch some Japanese Tv but no Christmas ads yet 😛 it seems that London and Tokyo are pretty much the same in terms of weather then… we just have to go to somewhere hot like Australia then!

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