No Sugar No Life…

Yesterday, I had a minor surgery at a hospital in St.John’s Wood.
It was a routine surgical procedure and it seemed to have gone without any complication. Thank god.
Still, it was not at all comfortable for me and even Hubbie, who accompanied me to the clinic, was wincing every time he caught a glimpse of what was going on on the surgical bed. Honey, I was the one who was undergoing pain, not you. He explained that he didn’t like seeing me in pain.

On our way home, we drove around the north side of Regent Park…


The rush hour was starting already and the traffic was building up.
Above us was a sky, sporting the gradation of salmon pink and turquoise blue. Also the moon was floating behind the trees with its edge dreamily fuzzy.

At home, I was still feeling strangely light-headed because of the local anaesthetic I received (I was given a lot!), therefore, wanted to eat something soothing & cheerful for dinner.
How about waffle? And lots of berries and banana? And tons of maple syrup?
Oh yeah, that sounds like exactly what I need…


Mmmm.., it tasted heavenly.
Hubbie and I, both piled on our waffles with a heap of colourful berries and drenched them with maple syrup. The sweet aftertaste was washed away with a mug of tea, of course.
I read in the tabloid sometime ago that I would have to give up all sweets if I wanted to preserve a youthful complexion. Allegedly, sugar was an archenemy of anti-aging, the article stated. Apart from the fact that my youth probably has left the building already, will I be able to face the rest of my life without any sweet treat in order to stay looking youthful? The scientist behind the theory discouraged us even fresh fruits because it contained too much sugar. I am very sorry but the lifestyle he is suggesting is totally impractical for me. Eating is a joy, not a sin. How my social life would be if I could no longer join my friends for afternoon tea or cocktail? Would the life eating raw vegetables and meat without sauce or gravy make me any more attractive? I think not.


I might have done an irreversible damage to my complexion by eating a plateful of fruits laden & maple syrup drenched waffles for dinner but it was an enormous morale booster. I felt being soothed and loved. Other than Hubbie, what else can give me this kind of warm calming effect when I am upset? Sugar! Sweets! Cakes! Chocolates!
And one more thing…


Mr.B, of course…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

28 thoughts on “No Sugar No Life…

  1. Rest up! I love the shots of Mr. B! I agree with you about sugar– think about it this way– do those people who work in the health food stores actually look young? I think not! Your post inspired me to make crepes for breakfast!

    • So true! How come those celebs who are supposed to be practicing an extremely healthy life style (no sauger, no booze, no fat) end up going under knives? Happy people are beautiful people 😄
      BTW I am feeling so much better. Thank you very much for your kind word 🎀

  2. Nice title! I totally agree! We should also be wary of articles that sometimes just scare people and are really just trying to sell books for a new diet or supplements or membership. I’m not saying that the article you read was totally wrong but we should take it with a grain of salt. No sugarcoating. I’m sorry I’m bad with puns. 😉

  3. Ah, at what price beauty? Giving up sugary treats is too steep for me. I’d have to walk away from the negotiations and resign myself to a shorter–but happier–life. Starting now! Off to make a cuppa with choccie…

  4. I hope you are feeling much better now. Mr. B looks such a sweety – Let’s hope all the fireworks have finished for this year. As for all the pseudo science talked by the beauty/fashion/diet world – huh. Ageing, it’s all in the genes, well telomeres apparently, along with living with variety and moderation. TREATS are definitely good. I think they tick the variety box!

    • Thank you. I am feeling much better now. Should be ok by the middle of next week.
      Aging is a tetchy issue. Yet, I don’t like to be dictated by it either. Life must be lived to full. Like swimming against tide, resisting and depriving must be not good in the long run. Happy wrinkle must be much more attractive than a frozen look! 😉

  5. I hope you’re feeling all better, I’m sure the waffle helped you along the road to recovery! I remember also reading an article about no sugar = fountain of youth. In the article a 60 year old lady was being interviewed and she looked absolutely amazing. She didn’t look a day over 35. I cut off all my sugar intake that very day……well, that lasted about 3 days or so! Must have my chocolate!

    • Those devotee of eternal youth must be leading a very strange life! So sugar, no sun, no booze, etc. Definitely it doesn’t sound fun to me. The scientist who’s allegedly found the secret of youth also denounces carrot, pumpkin and sweet potato because they are too sugary. I think all those wired anti-aging diets are only encouraging another unhealthy food obsessions. When I was a teenager, I cut out all sugary treat because I was going to lose weight (not that I needed to but everybody was on it), the only thing I could think about all the time was sugar and sweets. So I gave up after 3 days. Oh how tasty the first bite of cookie was! It was divine. Anything & everything in moderation is good. An outright ban on something as nice as sweet is unrealistic and unhealthy 🎂🍰🍪🍬🍭🍩🍮🍦🍨🍧

  6. OH MY GOODNESS! I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize that you had an operation. >.< I hope it went well and that you're recovering quickly! I agree, a life without sugar is one not worth living! I live for sweet food hehehe. When you come to Japan we should go and have the black sugar miso dango together as a quick sugar fix! x

    • Oh don’t worry about me. It was a very minor surgery and I am recovering very fast 😊
      I don’t understand why all those anti-aging fanatics (mainly Americans, I guess) sacrifice a joy like eating sweets! Fat & sugar are tasty for us because it is our basic instinct. We are evolved to consume them in order to survive. Therefore, cutting them out all together sounds like a very unnatural thing to do. Oh well, they don’t know what they are missing, do they?
      That dango, are they only available in Takao? Even if we can’t eat it, we will have a fun day out together! 😉

      • I’m so glad to hear that you’re recovering well! Exactly, if they don’t know what they are missing it just means there’s more sweet things for us! Mwahahaha! Nah, I’m pretty sure this dango is available in other places other than Takao – I will try and look out for ones closer to central Tokyo! Take care 🙂

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