Busy Bees…

Hubbie is flying out to NYC this morning and Mr.B & I will be on our own until Sunday morning.
Well, Mr.B doesn’t know it yet. He will be very listless from 6pm onward, and once we are in bed, stomp all over me, being possessed by anxiety. It take a good few days before the fact filters through to him that Hubbie will be away for a while and he will stop being overly upset about it.
I do hope he won’t be too depressed while I am away for 3 weeks after Christmas. It breaks my heart to see him being sad. If only I could reason with him…


While Hubbie was mega-busy with his presentation, I was also busy with knitting another Meringue jumper for DiGuardo.
Once a tag and a care instruction are stitched on, the jumper is ready to go…


The colour is in ever so popular Blue Velvet…


It should hit the shop floor, together with a Greta gilet in Denim, on Thursday or Friday…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

10 thoughts on “Busy Bees…

    • Oh thank you. He doesn’t sit like a disciplined dog but more like a spoiled lap dog can’t be asked kind of way 😣
      About the colour of the jumper, it’s been such a success this season, it’s selling like a hot cake. I’m very pleased 😀

  1. Kaori san, I’ve been reading your blog but it’s only recently that I actually saw your beautifully knitted works on your other website! They are so beautiful and stylish! Very talented!

    I hope Mr B isn’t too upset today. Lots of hugs to him!!!

    • Oh, Binnie is the same. He climbs into the suitcase and sulks. I wish if I could explain to him that I would be back soon.
      The sweater is delivered to the shop this afternoon. Fingers crossed if it will find a loving owner this weekend! X

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