Getting Caught up…

The scene resembled a snow globe, violently agitated.
A bout of hailstones pelted down from the steel-grey tinted sky and the gust was whipping them up like a giant whisk beating egg white.
As I stood by the window, awe-stricken, a group of unfortunate runners sprinted passed…


It was a cold day. I feel sorry for those virtuous people…


Later on, the weather improved dramatically like nothing had ever happened. The sky was wiped clean cloudless and London basked in the afternoon sunshine.
Well, that’s autumn weather for you. Moody and unpredictable…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

6 thoughts on “Getting Caught up…

    • I was about to go to post office, getting ready. Then all the sudden, this mighty storm arrived without warning! I was very lucky for not getting caught up like those lunchtime runners. The weather in UK had become very wintery (7 degree max) this week, therefore, the runners must have enjoyed an invigorating sprint. No hailstone in your place? In UK, spring and autumn are the time we often have hailstones. When the weather system is changeable, it happens. The Brits talk about the weather often and the behaviour is a well-known joke. But the weather in this country really changes all the time! And forecasts are not that accurate most of the time…😩

      • Yes, I’ve heard the joke about how the British are always sitting around drinking tea and discussing the weather. Here in So Cal, we really only bring up the weather when there’s going to be rain. And everyone makes such a big fuss about it, one of the biggest complaints I’ll hear is, “But I just washed my car!” Those same car owners would go crazy if they heard a hailstorm was on its way!

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