Yoshi Sushi @ King St, Hammersmith

The winter is really here, isn’t it?!
Last Thursday, I couldn’t stop shivering while I waited for my friend Fei at Hammersmith tube station. We hadn’t seen each other since the last pop-up event, Wild Kingdom. She managed to navigate her cab driver around the murderously busy Hammersmith roundabout and we rendezvoused safely. What shall we eat? It would have to be something soupy and spicy, we agreed. I was not at all familiar around Hammersmith, therefore, she suggested that we could eat at a Japanese / Korean restaurant on King Street.

Yoshi Sushi was situated near Hammersmith Town Hall.
The place was quiet when we scurried inside, rubbing our frosty fingers together.


Customary appetizers were brought to our table. Small plates of Kimchee – pickled spicy Chinese cabbage and soy sauce marinated bean sprouts…


For starters, we ordered Tori Karaage – fried chicken…


And Haemul Pajeon – Korean pancake made with seafood and spring onion…


Their karaage was probably the least we liked amongst the counterparts we had tried in all over London so far. It was not crispy enough and the meats underneath the coating were too fatty and tasteless. On the contrary, their pancake was the best we had ever tasted. It was sumptuous and the amount of the seafood inside was generous.

For the main course, we ordered a bowl of Jjigae each. I ordered Kimchi Jjigae – Kimchi stew with pork dumpling and tofu while Fei opted for Sundobu Jjigae – spicy soft tofu soup with seafood, spring onion and egg…


The stews were accompanied by small bowls of steamed rice which lessened the spiciness of chilli. My stew was infused with the segments of green chilli which gave out an intense burst of heat every now and then which made me gulp water and dab my nose with a napkin! In the end, our chilled bodies were sufficiently warmed up from the inside by our spicy dinner…


After leaving the restaurant, we travelled to Gloucester Road by tube in order to attend her friend’s pop-up event at the restaurant, L’Etranger. At the venue, we ogled a gorgeous fur collection by Rachel. I was especially taken by a knitted mink snood in cobalt blue…


The. Snoods could be worn like this! Don’t we resemble two happy & funky Eskimos?


We had one cocktail each at the bar and decided to call the day.
But oh my, how cold the walk from the station to my doorstep was! It was freezing. Then, my sneezing started. At home, I wrapped my neck with a cotton scarf and hugged a hot water bottle in bed. However, I woke up with a proper cold in the morning. Let’s hope that Hubbie won’t bring home any American cold from NYC. Because I have had already enough cold for this winter…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

16 thoughts on “Yoshi Sushi @ King St, Hammersmith

    • It was fun trying them on! Because of the lighting, their true colours were hard to see. The one I was trying on my head was not brown but purple. The snood was deeper than a normal one, therefore, I think it will stay on. I really really would like to have one but it was rather dear… 😞 X

    • Ohhh, I am sorry if I made you miss London. I am sure I will miss London too when I am in Japan after Xmas for 3 weeks. For me, London is like a comfy jumper. I can’t live away from it too long.
      I wanted that blue snood so much,. It reminded me Anna Piaggi. It was soooo beautiful!

    • Thank you! We were blown away by the gorgeous snoods. Wished if they were a little cheaper. I am 80% better now. Last night was the first night I went to bed without any medication. Agh! I hate those pesky germs around!!😿

  1. I envy you for being able to eat very spicy food. I’m starting to have a runny nose just by looking at the kimchi and the stew.

    Very long chopsticks though. I don’t think I can eat with those. hehehe. They are just for serving right?

    • My stew was really really spicy! When it was brought to the table, I was shocked to see how red it was. Why Korean people love chilli so much but they really make their food very hot, don’t they? These chopsticks would be too long for you? It was ok to use for us 😋

      • We’re used to the smaller chopsticks and use the longer ones for cooking or serving. I think I will starve in Korea since I have a very low tolerance for spicy food.

      • Oh yeah, you will be in big trouble if you can’t eat spicy food. I don’t know why they have to make all the food so spicy. I love chilli but not with every food. When I visited India some years ago, I was treated to curry at every meal except breakfast. My stomach was in such a state by the end of 11 days stay… 😰

  2. I LOVE soondubu, it’s one of my favorite things to eat once the weather cools down. I had it just a couple of nights ago! Do any of the Korean restaurants in London give you complimentary banchan (the side dishes like bean sprouts, kimchi, japchae) or do you always have to pay extra for those? In So Cal it’s always complimentary, the Korean BBQ places usually give the best ones and the most variety.

    The cobalt blue snood looks lovely on you! I love the idea of you and your friend trying them on. Reminds me so much of the time when my best friend and I went to Sak’s and were trying on the fur coats. We felt like very glamorous ladies!

    • I love spicy food, especially Korean, too. Unfortunately, Paul as well as my European friends are not so keen on anything spicy. Fei is an exception. She loves spicy foods and has to ask for extra chilli every time we eat out together! My Kimchee Jjigae was eye-wateringly spicy. I should have ordered Soondubu! Even though the stew made me break out sweating, it was strangely addictive and warmed me up from the inside. In London, you do get free complementary appetisers but the portion is not as generous as I saw in the States.
      We both loved the cobalt blue snood! It was so warm & light. We were drooling over it all evening. We really wished if we could take one each home. However, it was rather too dear for us. 😭 X

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