Happy Birthday, Mr.B!

Last Friday was our beloved Mr.B’s 9th birthday.
Though we didn’t wish him to grow any millisecond older, the day our furry angel was born in this world was definitely a day to celebrate. Unfortunately, Hubbie was still in NYC, wishing him happy birthday across the pond. Therefore, I brought out my secret weapon. A candle I bought from Fab.com


I lit the candles and sang happy birthday to Mr.B…


Mr.B didn’t quite understand why all of a sudden I started singing…


It’s your birthday, mister! I love you very much…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mr.B!

  1. This is so sweet, I love that special candle! Please wish Mr. B a very happy birthday from me! Did he also get some special treats to mark the occasion? This post is making me feel slightly guilty that we never celebrate my mother’s dog’s birthday. Maybe next year……

    • Binnie’s birthday is a bitter & sweet day for me. I would love him not to age at all! I am sure he never knows what all this fuss is for. The adverse effect of this special treatment is he stops eating his normal doggie diet for a day or two. He looks at his dog food disdainfully and goes on a mini hunger strike… 😱 x

  2. Happy birthday Mr. B! I’m sure he got lots of snuggles!

    Kiki is 11 and people have the audacity to call her old! Her muff is simply prematurely white. I met a lovely gentleman in the park who told me his chi lived to 22. That would make Kiki no more than middle aged!

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