How Not To Grow Old…

I bumped into a guy at Shoreditch Grind this lunchtime.
While I was sitting alone at the table for four, munching on my toasted croissant, a man in 60s strolled in and ordered flat white. This guy had an air of impatience and groom around him. Once he settled the bill, he threw down a copy of tabloid paper on my table and sat down heavily like a sack of potatoes. The impact of the paper landing on the table was such, I couldn’t help eyeing him with alarm. Shortly afterward his coffee was brought to the table and he received it without a word, completely ignoring the staff then proceeded to open the envelopes he had with him. Watching this man’s behaviour in close proximity, ‘What a miserable man’, I thought. Do people become grumpy and cynical when they grow old? I hope not. I don’t want to be an insensitive and disdainful old person, ever…

The latte at Shoreditch Grind was damn fine as usual. Since I tasted their coffee, I wouldn’t dream of spending my money at the Starbucks next door…


And my scrumptious toasted croissant…


I am sure it could tasted even batter if that gloomy guy wasn’t sitting across the table, looking like a bulldog chewing a wasp. Why on earth did he decide to sit here when the table next to ours was empty?

The staffs at the cafe were cheerful and friendly as ever…


I sincerely hoped their cheerful disposition would rub off on him…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

11 thoughts on “How Not To Grow Old…

  1. Eurgh! I hate it when people, like that old guy, sort of ruin the atmosphere of cafes/restaurants especially when they decide to sit next to you! He was probably having a bad day, but it’s still not very pleasant when you’re trying to enjoy yourself in such a lovely place, with your mouthwatering croissant!!

    • I’ve seen such faces in restaurants, cafes, clubs, on lovely evenings on Santorini, even when they go shopping!? Like they believe the world owes them for gracing it with their brilliant presence! On a positive note your coffee and croissant look so very yumi!

      • They are cocooned in their own world in a wrong way, aren’t they? It’s a pity that they don’t realise how sad they are. Yeah, the coffee they serve is just divine. I can never go back to chain coffee shops! And hot croissant with melted cheese, it was soooo moreish!! 😊 x

    • I know! I don’t think he was not in a bad mood but that the way he was. Like that old grouch Victor Meldrew from One Foot in the Grave? What bothered me the most was how rude he behaved towards the staff. ‘Thank you’ & a flash of smile wouldn’t do any harm, would it?
      That croissant is my favourite! Melted cheese & tomato, nothing can beat it (^-^) X

  2. That’s too bad. What’s worse is that sometimes or oftentimes, they don’t realize that they are being rude. And their behavior is “normal” for them. You definitely won’t turn into a miserable person since you have insight about it. 😀

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