No Wifi No Blog?

My modem at home has just died!
That means I have no Wifi until a Virgin Media engineer arrived on Thursday afternoon, ahhhh!

Mr.B couldn’t care about the crisis. He hijacked my hoodie as usual…


Hand it over to me, sir. I am cold…


He couldn’t care less…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

9 thoughts on “No Wifi No Blog?

  1. My modem just died last week as well, but M rushed over to the store and got a replacement one within the afternoon. We don’t know how to survive without one now, I’m afraid! And I just LOVE that second picture of Mr. B. His facial expression and body language are just priceless.

    • I am so lost without my internet. Even though I can update blog & FB using cellular connection, not being able to use my iPad and notebook is a pain. Let’s hope it’ll be sorted out tomorrow afternoon and my life will be back to normal.
      Binnie is chilled out as usual. He just loves to lie on any clothing unattended. If I coax him to give it up, he resists with such an expression which makes me feel very guilty… 😣 X

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