London General Store @ Old Street

OMG, I didn’t know a single tube ticket to zone 1 would cost £4.50?!
I realised that I forgot my Oyster at the station therefore proceeded to buy a single return. When a touch screen displayed that it would cost me as much as a bottle of Jessica nail varnish, I just couldn’t believe my eyes. Oh well next time, I shall double-check whereabouts of my Oyster before I leave home…
After running mega-quick errands in West End, I came back to Old Street tube station in order to rendezvous with Kate. The station was awash with early evening commuters and there was still 10 minutes or so left before our rendezvous, so I looked around to if anywhere less crowded I could wait.
Them, I noticed a pretty shop sign across a hectic passage..,


It was a pop-up shop by TCOLondon!
TCOLondon is a Shoreditch based publisher who specialise in film making, graphic design and journalism.
As I walked in, I was greeted by a friendly staff who showed me an each issue in detail…


This magazine, Little White Lies, is one of their most celebrated publication…


Each issue pans on a specific film, a director, a screen writer, an actor, etc, and creates a whole magazine around its subject.

Their sister magazine, huck, is edited with a broader focus…


Again, they feature a particular subject but their interest is not limited to film-making but expand to wider issues. The issues such as photography, journalism focusing on world/local affair, music, art, design, urban sports, music, etc, are excavated as well as broadened in order to offer its readers better understanding.
I flicked through a few copies and found them beautifully put together and thought-provoking.

The walls of the shop were adorned with the arts from the magazines on sale which I thought any of them would be a perfectly original Christmas gift…


I wished if I could hang around longer but the time was ticking so bought only one magazine and left the shop…


At the cafe, she treated me to latte and a slice of delicious pecan pie…


Thank you, Kate. The next one is on me!

The magazine I brought home features Sofia Coppola, my favourite director…


I’m gonna save it until my trip to Japan and read it during a 13 hours flight.
The pop-up shop by TCOLondon is up until 4th December. If you are nearby, drop in and pick up their amazing magazines and arts for you and your loved ones…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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