Feeling Rebellious?

Yesterday was my holing up day – no make-up, hair in an Alice band, comfy jersey dressing mode, etc.
I was gonna crack on with knitting, therefore, in home-confinement mode. I was hoping that nobody would arrive at my doorstep because I was not ready to face my public, in short, I was not very presentable!
Anyway, I knitted all day, being helped by YouTube entertainment and made a good progress…


When I am at home, Mr.B is in chilled-out mode too. He travels between Cape Binnie (a black faux sheepskin rug from IKEA), Strawberry HQ (his sagging hideaway) and his Cath Kidson dog bed under the table.
Last night, Hubbie was trying to get Mr.B out of Strawberry HQ for a “Spend a penny” dash to outside. However, Mr.B had other idea and did not want to cooperate…


At first, he ignored Hubbie’s call completely.
Then, he looked annoyed because the call became louder and louder…


‘Alright, I hear you!!’


He shot out of Strawberry HQ like a bullet, decided to take the plunge and get on with the job.
Hey, what is this all about? Don’t be such a sour grape, sweetie.


He looks very sheepish, doesn’t he?

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

23 thoughts on “Feeling Rebellious?

  1. I just love your Mr. B posts, they are some of my absolute favorites from you. He is such a little star, the expressions on his face are so precious. And that Strawberry HQ is so adorable, looks so comfy.

    • I can tell straight away when he is displeased! He narrows his eyes and hey presto! He looks not so amiable. And good old Strawberry HQ which is more than 7 yrs old, is sagging rather badly. Binnie has trouble climbing into it. Do you think I should buy him a new one? 😞 x

    • I bought a new dog house through Fab.com – a super sleek plastic shell one, and he hated it. Paul doesn’t particularly like our present a Strawberry HQ because he thinks it’s too girly. But I want something cute for him if I’m gonna get a new one! I imagine Binnie doesn’t give a damn though. He likes it as long as it’s soft and warm 😊 x

  2. I love this post! More Mr. B! You really are able to catch his crazy expressions beautifully. I also love your name for his many homes. Strawberry HQ is adorable– I went to Cath Kidson to photograph the goods for a post and only saw very standard dog beds. Kiki has the same faux sheepskin Ikea rug, she loves it too! Although her favorite place is on top of the bed (via her puppy stairs, natch) sunk into a human pillow.

    • Oh thank you! I didn’t include Binnie very often in my blog in the past because I thought it may be a little weird. However, I shall include him more in my post in future since you like to read about him. I am sure he will be very pleased too! Chihuahua has more facial expressions than some other pedigrees (like poodle). Binnie makes his feeling abundantly clear, especially he is not very happy. His eyes cast down, the ears are pulled back… I feel obliged to do whatever he demands. And he knows! 😔 x

    • Yes, we had a very holed up day. No make up and no mascara must be good for my skin & eyelash every now and then! Knitting for Binnie? He loves pulling yarn out from my work so not very suitable for him. When he was a puppy, he used to demolish my work while I was attending a household chore. I got back to him and found him curling up on a pile of yarn like a topping on pasta. Apparently, he was fascinated by the endless yarn coming undone by him pulling and in the end, decided to have a nap on it… It was mega cute but also annoying… 😩 x

    • Oh thank you for liking my waistcoat! It’s been very popular this season.
      Binnie doesn’t like to go out since the season has turned more wintery. And we always have such a trouble extracting from his stronghold! 😱

  3. As you know, I am just getting into blogging and now I am getting into reading the blogs I follow. It is fun to see your life and family in London. Thanks for blogging and keep the wintery, holiday photo/cafe/brunch posts coming and I hope you hubbie is feeling better! …also funny that this started with a photo of your computer and knitting. I also follow “knitting rays of hope” so my reader is full of knitting photos. At first I almost mistook this post for one of theirs. Small world.

    • Hi there. Thank you for your comment. I started this blog 2 years ago but it was a year ago that blogging became an essential part of my daily life. It’s fun to read how other bloggers I admire and see interesting photos they take. And I’ve made more than a few friend amongst them too. Do you do knitting? I am visiting Nagano from 28th Dec for 3 weeks. It will be lovely if we could meet up and chat with latte & cake. Take care (^-^) x

      • I don’t do knitting, but I like lattes and cake! Unfortunately, I need to stay close to my husband and his business in the winter. We are at Madarao Kogen near the Niigata border. It is about 1 hour from Nagano city. Nagano-ken is big, but if you are coming near here, maybe we can still meet on a weekday.

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