Brunch @ Salvation Jane

I felt shattered when I finally rested my head on the pillow after a long and fun day out with a fellow WP blogger, SC, from Wandering Cows.
When I reviewed one of the eateries around Old Street station, SC kindly recommended Salvation Jane on City Road which proved to be a spot on suggestion. Then naturally, we decided to have brunch at there together.
Yesterday morning, around 11AM, Hubbie and I arrived first at Shoreditch Grind where we were to rendezvous. Shortly afterward, SC joined us and we made our way to Salvation Jane. The restaurant was far from being deserted, despite the fact it was Saturday – a weekend is the most quiet time in the City. In fact, we waited for a fairly long time before our foods were brought to the table…


Over another round of tea & latte, we resumed our talk which was interrupted by a malfunctioning fire alarm at Shoreditch Grind…


It turned out that we didn’t live that far from one another. What a coincident! That means only one thing. We are going out together more often. Hurrah!

Eventually, our brunch emerged from the kitchen…


I ordered a dish of salt beef hashcakes with poached eggs, fresh spinach and smoked tomato relish…


The salt beef and mashed potato was perfected done and when the cake was drenched with a runny egg yoke, the result was a divinely delicious dish.

Hubbie opted for thyme roasted Portobello mushrooms and Goat’s cheese with crisp polenta, watercress and a poached egg…


The dish looked very wholesome and healthy. I should have stolen a bite from his but I was too absorbed to our chat. By the way, SC picked BERT – toasted sourdough, organic sausage instead of bacon, a fried egg, rocket, fresh tomato and aioli. My apology for not taking a picture of her plate. I was more interested in sinking my teeth into the salt beef hashcake!

All in all, the brunch at Salvation Jane was a pleasant way to kick-start our exciting day out at Spitalfields area…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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