Sunglasses & Cake @ Maison Bertaux

Yesterday. was one of those days which I was so out of tune, every single thing I did ended up making me utter ‘Augh!’
The day started with chaos of my own making. While my face was covered with facial soap, I opened my eyes for no apparent reason – I still don’t know why I did that. The soap ( especially, Dr.Alkaitis‘s one really hurts!) stung my eyes so bad, I was weeping while I rinsed my face furiously. Then, I was off to post office. Only after coming back, I realised that I did not follow a web return request procedure (for my defence, nothing was mentioned on a paperwork accompanying the original order!) and panicked. After a few frantic emails and international phone calls, I managed to explain my blunder to the customer service and the matter seemed to be resolved (please refund me!). For late lunch, I decided to have two brioche rolls with raspberry jam and a cup of Darjeeling tea. When I was squashing an empty brioche bag for binning it, the bag broke and fine breadcrumb went everywhere!
What on earth is wrong with me? I was so let down by myself. Did I take it too easy on sunday? Is my brain still in weekend mode? I sincerely hoped that the next day would be another day…

Anyway, the story goes back to where I left it in the last entry.
Fei, SC and I headed to our favourite haunt, Maison Bertuax, for a post-ramen chat and tea & cake.

Charmingly disorganised Maison Bertaux…


So  chi chi & girly.

Fei handed out her beautifully crafted collection one after another for SC to try on…


Rather conveniently, the walls of the ground floor cafe were clad with mirrors…


So we were busy with putting on different pairs and checking ourselves in the mirror. We also had a large pot of tea and cakes too…


In the end, SC found the pair she loved and we decided to call it a day.
It was a long Saturday filled with lots of walk and fun!

By the way, I rarely see Mr.B puts his foot wrong but even for him, there is a ‘augh!’ moment…


While he was poncing around with his harness after a quick dash to outside last night, the lead was caught with the stool and he found himself stuck.
You see, it’s because you are dilly-dallying too long. He must be muttering ‘Augh!’ in his head…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

12 thoughts on “Sunglasses & Cake @ Maison Bertaux

    • Oh thank you! Yesterday was truly a difficult day. Everything went wrong and I was in despair.
      Maison Bertaux is my firm favourite. They are so original and friendly. There are a full of chain cafes in London nowadays. Among it, Maison Bertaux is a gem. Is there any favourite cake shop in Germany? I would love to see what kind of cake they offer! X

  1. Maybe subconsciously you were tripping yourself up so that you could feel deserving of the trip to Maison Bertaux. Our psyches play us sometimes. Well mine does, anyway! Or maybe you were distracted because of your imminent visit. Either way, you were not to blame. It was either your headstrong sub conscience or Maison Bertaux. There, feel better? 🙂

    • It was one of those weird days. My brain and body were completely disconnected. I didn’t know what to do with myself (>_<;)
      Yes, cake & tea is a definite antidote for shit days! It's a sweet plaster on my bruised heart (^0^) x

  2. That has got to be the best place ever – shopping and eating cake at the same time! I like that, it’s very efficient! The cake looks so delicious!! I’m very jealous 😀

  3. There are just days when everything that can go wrong, goes really wrong. And in the middle of the day, you just let out a big sigh and say, “Really?”.But we know that it’s just one day. One really draining day.

    • Yeah, you are right. During one of those difficult days, I just keep on having a big sigh all day long with slumped shoulders. Yet, as you say, the day does pass eventually. And I feel better about it next day! 😃

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