Tetchy Neighbour?…

Yesterday was a much calmer day. No “Augh!” moment.
And thank you very much for the messages. It made me feel so much better. It is not wrong to have a bad day once in a while, I guess. Because it will make a good day extra sweeter by contrast. I just have to be careful not to let a bad day bother me too much and to be watchful for whatever I do!

Yesterday was a holing up day as well.
Donning comfy jersey pieces, I got on with finishing the gilet I had been working on…


Then, I saw Mr.B, my neighbour, sticking his head out of his Strawberry HQ…


It was cute so I took the picture with my iPhone. However, I forgot to turn on a mute button and he sensed what was going on…


‘Oi, just whaddya think you’re doing there?’


Ok, ok, I’ve got your message. I’ll go away but you are a bit tetchy, aren’t you?…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

10 thoughts on “Tetchy Neighbour?…

  1. Beautiful gillet, I love that dusky rose color. Lol, I thought Mr. B liked getting his photo taken. He looks so adorable with just his little head poking out of his Strawberry HQ.

    • Thank you! This colour is very popular this season. Because it is in a light shade, it can carry on being worn till spring.
      I don’t think Binnie like to have his pics taken. I guess he just doesn’t understand all the fuss I’m making…😢

  2. Your knitting skills are amazing!! That really is a piece of artwork! I love Mr B’s strawberry HQ – so cute!! If I had a home like that, I’d be forever in there too! 😀

    • Oh thanks! I just love to see a simple yarn transforming itself to a garment. Every time it gives me such a kick even if I do the same pattern.
      Yeah, isn’t Binnie a lucky boy? I wouldn’t mind having a few hide out to chill out during a day… 😁 x

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