Lunch @ Les Deux Salons, William IV Street WC2

When Alex and I discussed what we fancied for lunch, her first suggestion was Thai. Since I would never be able to take my chilli-shy Hubbie to any Thai restaurant, I was more than happy to follow her proposal. After lunch, we were planning to visit the Somerset House for their Christmas Arcade, therefore, we hopped on to Victoria Line, heading South East. We alighted at Charling Cross and found ourselves a little lost at in front of St.Martin-in-the-Fields, because we didn’t know any Thai eatery around there. Then, Alex suggested that we could have a quick bite at a French bistro she knew near Trafalgar Square Post Office.
It was cold and we were getting increasingly peckish so we agreed to postpone our Thai lunch for some another time.

During a festive season, everywhere I had been so far was adorned with Christmas trees and Les Deux Salons was no exception…


A beautifully decorated tree stood next to their well-stocked bar area, adding a fuzzy joyful atmosphere.
And the dining hall was already teeming with lunchtime diners…


We were ushered to the upstairs and seated by the balcony overlooking the ground floor…


For a starter, I had cream of cauliflower & potato soup while Alex settled on green salad…


The soup was hearty and delectable. It warmed me up from the inside.
For our main course, Alex opted for fillet of cod while I decided upon roast chicken and gratin dauphinoise…


The chicken was succulent and the gravy was seasoned just right…


The gratin was creamy but not too heavy. A perfect lunch for a chilly December day…


Even though the service was a little too slow for our liking, their foods were absolutely delicious. If one is not in a hurry, the place is an ideal place for dining, chatting & people-watching. Highly recommendable…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

13 thoughts on “Lunch @ Les Deux Salons, William IV Street WC2

  1. Love the ambiance of this place! And how good does your chicken look? If I ordered that dish, the first thing I would do is pluck off that piece of crispy skin and stuff the whole thing in my mouth!

    • Haha~, I did the same! It was very richly flavoured but not too heavy. I still fancied Thai lunch because it was a cold day and I needed chilli! Still, it’s gonna have to wait till the next time. (^-^) x

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