Maison d’Être @ Highbury Island N1

The first swig of latte taste the best, doesn’t it?  I was at Maison d’Être by Highbury Island roundabout. This charming cafe was kindly recommended to me by my fellow WP blogger, Yvonne from East London Illustrated, for their outstanding coffee. I was supposed to be meeting with my friend, Alex, at Highbury & Islington tube station. However, I arrived a tad too early, therefore, I decided to try their latte.

The cafe was located by a busy roundabout which brought all the traffic from Upper Street, Cannonbury Road and Holloway Road…


Yvonne warned me about how getting a seat at the cafe could be tricky due to its popularity. Luckily, I managed to grab a table for myself and ordered latte…


The counter was heavily laden with tempting baked offerings…


Should I have a muffin with my latte? I pondered for a while but opted not to since Alex and I were to have lunch together shortly…


The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. Most of the customers were having a meeting or working quietly with their notebooks…


Even their loo was decorated sweetly…


Next time, I will definitely try their lunch or afternoon tea…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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