Genius Bar @ Apple Store, Regent Street

2 days ago, my iPhone started to behave erratically. It stopped picking up wi-fi and refused to shut down properly. The battery was running out at alarming speed – I went to bed with my iPhone 100% charged and came next morning, found the phone only 36% power left. It was so unusual, unless I was sleep-surfing with my iPhone during the night!
As Apple’s help page suggested, I restarted the device, reset network, checked my broadband connection, etc, but nothing worked. A wi-fi setting button in my general setting was dimmed out, refusing to acknowledge all wi-fi networks around me. With a big resonating sigh, I made an appointment with the Genius Bar at the Apple Store, Regent Street. The nearest slot was at 1pm on Sunday so I grabbed it.

Oxford Street on Sunday…


The pavements were choking with Christmas shoppers. Their hands were laden with shopping bags of all colours and sizes. Some people were even tagging along suitcases. Were they from the outside London, day tripping for festive shopping?

I arrived at the Apple Store 10 minutes earlier than my appointment…


The inside of the shop was teeming with Christmas shoppers and tourists alike…


I was checked in by a friendly staff and ushered to one of the stools by the counter…


Another staff came and ran a test on my iPhone…


Alas, my phone had some internal damage which could not be fixed! How could this happen?! My phone was only one & half-year old! However, I couldn’t envisage my life without my iPhone, therefore, I bought a replacement there and then. I was shocked and saddened…


At home, I tried to restore my email accounts on my iPhone but for some unknown reason, it failed to connect to servers. And with my dismay, the same thing happened on my iPad!!
Does that mean I will have to go back to the Genius Bar again? I groaned. I really loathed all this chores related to tech stuff. I am just a user /consumer, not a techno wizard…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

4 thoughts on “Genius Bar @ Apple Store, Regent Street

  1. Poor Kaori, cell phone issues are such a headache! I’ve been pretty lucky with my latest phone but my last one was a real dud and had me constantly running back and forth to my nearby Verizon store. I like the exterior of the building that the Apple store is located in. Reminds me that there’s nothing like living in the city. Now that I’m stuck in the suburbs, the closest Apple stores are in malls and not nearly as impressive.

    • I am so used to having a phone and relying on it for pretty much everything. So I was at a loss when the last phone started to behave erratically. It wasn’t saving data nor finding Wi-Fi. Also the battery was disappearing like a quick sand. The replacement wasn’t much better either because it kept on deleting my email setting! I was in a queue at Genius Bar, thinking why so many people were having to be here? And most of us seemed to have issues regarding our iPhones! If the product was really good, there wouldn’t be any queue at customer service, would it? I love my iPhone and have a lot of fun with it. However, Apple’s standard is slipping since they’ve decided to bring out a new model every year and to make them in China.
      Oh, London is a full of old buildings. We aren’t allowed to have any new building. So even Apple Store has to be housed behind stone walls 😅 x

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