Oh Dear…

It turned out that the device I was given last Sunday was faulty and had to be swapped. As you can imagine, I was not a happy bunny…


Let’s hope this is the end of the matter. I could do with less troubles in this busy December…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

6 thoughts on “Oh Dear…

    • I kind of have faith in Apple because I’ve never used any other computer in my life. However, about an iPhone, I am soooo not impressed. I complained at Genius Bar that their products’ qualities were slipping since they started to mass-produce. And they agreeed! I want their product to match the money we pay. Or are they becoming just another hype? OH NO!

  1. Oh you have been unlucky recently, you’ve become a ‘cluster’ on the statistical map. Let’s hope you’ve moved on a bit now. I know what you mean about Apple, I’ve never had anything else at home and have loved the fact in the early days that I could set it all up etc myself. But my daughter (currently a uni student) hasn’t managed to make an iPhone last a year yet and it’s her lifeline. I don’t think the build quality is as good as it used to be, but I still think they’ve got the most user friendly and best looking stuff. I recently had to use my father’s laptop running Windows and it was all rather horrible!

    • Those setbacks tend to happen when it is most unwelcome – like a few weeks before Christmas! I had a chat with an Apple technician today and he agreed that iPhones were the problem. It must to be to do with bringing out a new model every year and being made in China? He assured me I might have had one from a bad batch but why should this happen? All the handsets should leave the factories with the same high quality since we all pay a premium price because its Apple! When I renew my contract in next July, I will never tie myself down with 24 month deal and not bother with the insurance. It’s soooo annoying. Like your daughter, my iPhone is an essential part of my everyday life and without it, I am so lost… 😫

  2. I really hope you are sorted now..we’re also an Apple house..it’s the streaming that I love without having to download everything..I would find it very hard to change. I love my iphone but I do resent the battery running down so quickly….I now have a back-up ipod as well which helps..yep..I’m a sucker! xxxx

    • I certainly hope this is the end of my iPhone trouble. If everything works, Apple’s products are wonderful. It’s easy and fun to use and pleasing to look at. iPhone’s battery is another modern life stress, isn’t it? It adds a bit of anxiety when I am not carrying a back up power cell! xxxx

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