Christmas Carols @ RAC, Pall Mall

I am typing this at the Genius Bar, Regent Street, hoping things get back to normal this time around. Coming back here makes me feel like I am in the film “Groundhog Day”. None of those red t-shirt clad techno wizards seems to know why yet another handset is misbehaving. So they’ve decided to restore the phone to a factory setting and then to restore items which so far refuse to sync.

Anyway, the last night was a much merrier and happier occasion.
I was invited to an annual Christmas Carols at the Royal Automobile Club on Pall Mall by my old friends, Belinda and Frank.
The carol service was from 6pm. I emerged from Piccadilly Circus tube station at 5:50 pm…


Christmas lighting illuminated Lower Regent Street…


At the entrance of RAC, arriving guests were disappearing one by one through a spinning revolving door…


The inside was already buzzing with the crowd armed with mince pies and glasses of red wine.
The staff standing by the steps to the main hall handed me a carol programme. I wasn’t sure how I could find Belinda & Frank amongst the packed guests but very agile Belinda located me in no time and soon Belinda, Frank, their guest, DeeDee and I were standing together by the Christmas tree…


Then, a choir master in a white jacket announced the commencement of a carol service. Behind him, the Club Choir was assembled and started the service by singing “Ding Dong! Merrily on high”…


They sang with grace and skill. It was beautiful.
Then, it was our turn. The rest of us sang “God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen” rather feebly and timidly and were firmly told off by the choir master. ‘You must sing with more gusto!’ Ahhh, when was the last time I was told off like that? We all giggled and fidgeted like embarrassed school children…


The club choir and the guests sang in turn. And by the end of the service, all of us were belting out and giving our lungs a great exercise. Especially, singing “The Twelve Days of Christmas” was such a fun!

After a rigorous singing session, we moistened our throat with exquisitely chilled champagne at the Cocktail Bar…


We chatted about each other’s recent tidings and near future plans while nibbling on olives and nuts.

Then, we moved on to the restaurant. I had mushroom pastry for starter…


And roast turkey for main course…


The starter was lovely. It was creamy and delicious.
However, about the turkey, why did I order it? I regretted it as soon as I had my first mouthful. It was beautifully cooked but I realised how definitely turkey was NOT my favourite meat. I ordered it only because the last one I ate was on last Christmas Day at Hubbie’s brother’s in Guildford. No wonder I never touch any turkey for the rest of time. I mustn’t forget it until the next Christmas.

After dinner, we moved on to the Club Room via the main hall in where the carol service was held.
The space was serenely empty, only a beautifully decorated Christmas tree soaring towards a double height ceiling…


DeeDee, Frank and Belinda, posing in front of the tree…


Along the walls, richly ornate silver cups were on display…


A portrait of HRH Prince Michael of Kent, a patron of the Royal Automobile Club, was on the wall…


At the Club Room, already a few guests were enjoying games of post-dinner backgammon…


Belinda & DeeDee teamed up while Frank allied with me to counterattack…


We bantered and giggled as we threw dices. In the end, the teams won one game each and the peace was held. The time was nearly eleven so we decided to call the day…


As walking out onto the freezing cold pavement outside, I turned on my phone (the use of mobile phone was banned within the club), only to discover my poor Hubbie managed to lock himself out! He was calling me desperately but I was oblivious, laughing, throwing dices, nibbling shortbread and sipping decaf!! Sorry, but I really didn’t know about his predicament…

Anyway, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed singing carols…


I don’t do Karaoke ever but I might be considering about joining a choir in future…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

14 thoughts on “Christmas Carols @ RAC, Pall Mall

    • It was much more fun than I anticipated! I loved singing carols, especially. I may find some choir to join in future ( I’m serious!). Yeah Paul, how could he do that to himself? It was not the first time he had to drive back to work to retrieve the stuff he’d forgotten. There was nothing I could do about that… 😫 xxxxxxx

  1. I thought I was the only one who don’t particularly like turkey meat. It’s not that I don’t eat it but if there are other choices, I go for the other meats. The mushroom pastry looks so good.

    No karaoke? hehehe.

    • I find turkey taste too strong and dry. Without additional gravy and stuffing, I can never eat it. Anyway, it’s a tradition, isn’t it? Oh, I love singing but find karaoke too embarrassing… 😱

  2. Sounds like you had such a fun night! Almost every XMAS I go to the Walt Disney Concert Hall where they hold a wonderful concert where the audience gets to join in and sing some of the carols. But this December has been so outrageously busy I wasn’t able to go. But I feel like I did some vicarious caroling through your post!

    • It was an unexpected fun! The experience really made me think about joining a choir. The togetherness I felt during the carol was wonderful. I am sure the carol service at the Walt Disney Concert Hall must be magical. I love to join you there and sing along together! 😉

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