Rendezvous @ Borough Market, SE1

On one fine Thursday morning, I was at Borough Market, waiting for Kate, aka Madam Bentley


We decided to meet up at Konditor & Cook on Stoney Street around 11ish.
While I was waiting for her to show up, I gazed at their window display longingly. Those cakes, don’t they look gorgeous? Konditor & Cook is very well-known amongst Londoners for their highly delectable and colourful sweets…


Kate joined me shortly and I went inside to buy some coffee and pastries.
The inside of the shop was an Aladdin’s Cave for anyone with a sweet tooth…


Adorable chocolates and mazipans…


Ahhhh, they all looked so seductive and dangerous!
We had to exercise a considerable amount of willpower in order to choose just one pastry each, a pain au chocolat for Kate and a mince-pie for me.

After invigorating us with caffeine & sugar, we walked through the market…


A stall selling cured meats…


Fresh seafood…


Dairy products and eggs…


A butcher…


This stall was definitely not for the faint-hearted. On the display were headless bunnies and geese, hanging up upside down, looking rather gruesome…

In spite of visiting the market on a normal weekday, the amount and variety of the stalls trading surprised and impressed us. It would be mega handy if I were living / working nearby. A tasty gourmet lunch would be available on a daily basis and no more wandering around with a basket in a crowded supermarket for dinner hunting. Sounds damn attractive…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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