Last Saturday @ West End

Does it sound exciting or nauseating?
While I was munching on my peanuts butter & honey toasts at Cafe the Shepherdess, Hubbie confessed that he would have to spend a few hours at the office in spite of weekend…


Prior to Christmas is the busiest time in advertising industry therefore I had to be understanding with chagrin. After breakfast, we drove to his work and came across a herd of Santa Clauses on Euston Road…


A mass of Santas in all sizes, shapes, genders and ages, sauntering. A sight only available in December.

While Hubbie buried himself with a heap of “must do” list, I headed to the heart of West End, Oxford Circus. A precious few more weekends were left before D-Day, aka Christmas, and manifold of shoppers were descending on Oxford Street, Regent Street and the surrounding area…


People after people were churned out from the tube exits and filling up the pavements. It was an awe-inspiring sight.
Then, I remembered that I wanted to buy some jeans so headed to J Crew’s flagship shop on Regent Street…


The mission was an utter failure. Why was their sizing so large? I tried a pair of their skinny and boyfriend in 24 inch and was dismayed by their overly generous fits. Still, the staffs at J Crew were one of the best in busy West End, being helpful and pleasant and made me feel very welcome. What a shame because I would have shopped at the store more often if they stocked their petite range.

The short December afternoon sun dimmed out around 4pm. By the way, this year’s Christmas lighting above Carnaby Street had got my huge thumb-up…


Plump robins in small and large, flying above us. How sweet is that? So cute.
Then, I noticed Cheap Monday on Carnaby Street…


Some of the pairs were being too high-rise for my liking but after much soul-searching in the changing room, I managed to choose a pair of skinny…



Once I stepped out of the sanctuary of the shop floor, I was again, engulfed by the sea of Christmas shoppers…


Pedestrians were criss-crossing from all directions.
It looked like a mad rush hour. However, there was a distinctive difference from a normal day’s exodus. Because lots of faces were smiling! Another Christmas magic, isn’t it?

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

9 thoughts on “Last Saturday @ West End

  1. I’m not the biggest honey fan but I must admit that your PB & honey toast looked quite good! And yes, J. Crew’s sizes do tend to run quite large. Which is maybe why I like their clothes so much, makes me feel very skinny lol!

    • It’s simple enough to do it at home but it tastes better when someone else does it for me!
      I really want to try their petite clothing. It is a shame that London shop has no plan of stocking them… 😫

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