Le Rouge et le Noir

Eventually, our Christmas tree is out.
Once a year, a black plastic tree bought from Habitat (was it?) a number of years ago, sees the daylight, being dusted and plunked down on the red felt doily…


Decorations are pretty old too. It looks ok but I am bored with them now…


I meant to revisit the Somerset House Christmas Arcade for Gingerbread man ornaments but decided to wait till next year. Don’t call me lazy!

Then, another red & black for a festive season…


It’s a backgammon set!


Hubbie & I will be playing it throughout Christmas Day & Boxing Day. Let hope it won’t be ended up in tears. I will hate to be beaten by him.

How are you gonna spend your holiday, Mr.B?


Apparently, he is gonna hide while Hubbie and I argue over the score. That will be a wise move, Mr.B…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

8 thoughts on “Le Rouge et le Noir

  1. Your little Christmas tree looks so sweet and festive. I always keep meaning to go out and get one that size for M and I but have somehow never gotten around to it. Thus, our place has absolutely no XMAS decorations which makes me a bit sad. Your decorations make me nostalgic because they remind me of the ones that my mother used to make and sell at XMAS boutiques. Love the picture of Mr. B huddled in Strawberry HQ with his purple monkey doll!

    • I am not that into Christmas myself but I thought Paul might want to see it. About this small tree, I am getting a bit tired of it. So next year, I shall change it to a different one! So wait for it for another 12 months! I feel guilty about throwing away the ornaments. Then again, I’m bored with the look of them. May be I should buy all different decoration for next Christmas.
      Binnie seems to love being buried underneath his cushion. It looks silly but very sweet too 😙

    • It is such an effort, isn’t it? I was pondering if I should be bothered or not this Christmas till last minute. But once it’s out and decorated, I feel a lot happier. Therefore, you should definitely have a tree next year! 😉

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