Window Shopping on Broadway Market, E8

December dusk comes very quickly, doesn’t it? I was on Broadway Market, East London, to meet up with my acquaintance at 17:30. And the street was already cloaked in the darkness when I arrived there 30 minutes earlier.

A Christmas tree stand by the street corner…


More than a few shops were still open for Christmas shoppers. Their windows glowed in the darkness like Chinese lanterns in the sky.

The shop drew my attention was Kate Sheridan


Leather bags on sale were unique and beautifully made.

The Broadway Bookshop


The bookshop was small but the books on the shelves were well-selected and would be a godsend alternative if one was bored with family friendly Christmas TV listings.

Or for more art-minded bookworms, Artwords Bookshop


My brand’s occasional stockist 69b


A fishmonger, Fin & Flounder


Christmas trees on sale…


Donlon Books. For art book lovers with vintage twists…


The 30 minutes of window shopping passed surprisingly quickly and I headed to l’eau à la bouche where I was to rendezvous with Emilie…


After a cup of latte and chat, we wished each other a very happy Christmas & new year and went separate ways.
As I waited for a bus home, I gazed at the twinkling lights spun across branches of the tree, wondering how pretty they were…


The Christmas lights appeared even lovelier because of the quiet darkness on the streets…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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