Quiet Brunch @ Shepherdess the Caff

Hubbie returned from NYC yesterday, bringing home his weary body as well as a few pair of undies and socks to be laundered.
Having all of us at home must have made such a difference in our psyche, Hubbie, I & Mr.B slept soundly until midday.

Then, our customary Saturday brunch at a local greasy spoon, the Shepherdess. We grabbed newspapers which were left behind by another diners and masticated our weekend nosh quietly…


Christmas at Shepherdess the caff…


It was raining and looked miserable. Therefore we decided to share an apple pie with custard and fresh cups of tea…


I flicked through a TV guide with Christmas listings. It was as dull as last year’s and the year’s before. Why do they keep on showing us the same films over and over? We would be bored stiff, Hubbie & I nodded in a grave agreement. BTW, the apple pie tasted nice…


A perfect antidote for any miserable weather…

Kaori by Kaori Olumura

4 thoughts on “Quiet Brunch @ Shepherdess the Caff

  1. Oh I would just kill for that plateful! And is that Downton, I spy..? I will be watching it on Christmas Day at my mum’s with the rest of UK Downtonites, then returning to US to watch the series which only begins in January with the American audience. How upside down is that? I won’t be able to resist it on Christmas Day, all puffed up on a turkey coma, y’see? Anyway, Mathew’s dead so I’m still upset with the lot of them…

    • Yeeessss! Another Downton Abbey special for Christmas. I am thinking about buying box sets from the series 1- 4. Paul is ambivalent about the idea but I will treat myself in order to cope with the gloom of post-Christmas. 😛 x

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