Moomin Valley @ Covent Garden

It’s only two more days before Christmas Day!
Apparently, today’s lunchtime will be the busiest shopping time of the year. I can imagine the people scrambling for a last-minute shopping on the shop floors all over the Britain. On last Christmas Eve, I was one of them, being lost at the cosmetic counter in John Lewis, and didn’t know which till was available to pay. The frenzy transformed normally queue-respecting British shoppers into a desperate crowd, jockeying for position at the counters, doing everything to catch the attention of the staffs. It was a crazy sight and I vowed myself never to repeat the experience again.

For a more leisurely and magical Christmas retail escapade, Covent Garden is more apt for it…


A unmissable reindeer will be a perfect landmark for meeting up.

The arcade is beautifully decorated with giant baubles…


One shop I especially recommend for gift-hunting is The Moomin Shop


As a child, growing up in Japan, the Moomins had been a familiar fixture through animations and cartoons…


Therefore I was very excited when I learnt that the Moomin Shop were opening in Covent Garden – apart from Tokyo, London would be the first city to house the plump troll family out of their native Finland.

The shop is upstairs and adorable murals depicting the Moomin Valley gently nudge you up the stairs…



The shop floor is compact and cozy…


The staffs are knowledgeable & helpful and huge Moomin fans, of course!

On display are a collection of Moomin merchandise.
Cutlery, plates and lunch-boxes for children…


Toys & bibs for babies and toddlers…


Books & shopping bags…


More bags & toiletries…


Satchels & cushions…


Cookie cutters…


And a pretty apron with Snork Maiden for a little princess…


I highly recommend the shop for anyone who is stuck with gift ideas but can’t face the crowd on Oxford Street.

It is rather sad that we will have to say good-bye to those pretty lights once Christmas is gone…


Thanks to them, longer winter nights have been turned into more enchanting experience, haven’t they?
I shall miss them very much…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

8 thoughts on “Moomin Valley @ Covent Garden

  1. I read about this shop and planned to feature it on my site but didn’t make it– I didn’t realize it was right in convent garden, I probably walked right by! Loved those huge red xmas balls!

    • Yes, the shop is in the dead middle of Covent Garden complex. The second floor shop is compact and a full of Moomin things in all shapes and prices. Most of the merchandise are targeting young children and their parents. Therefore, lots of plastic and fabric. It would be even better if they have more subtle products suitable for grown-ups. X

      Reply ↓

  2. They are missing an opportunity!

    I do love your shopping posts though– if you ever want to guest post on my site (maybe a London dog shop with cute, locally made sweaters that Mr. B could model?) you are always welcome! I found an adorable doggie accessory shop in Vienna (post to come soon!) but did not come across one in London.

    • Oh thank you! I will be flying out to Japan on 27th Dec for a 3 week holiday. If I come across any dog boutique in Japan, I will definitely blog about it. In Japan, especially in Tokyo, they must have crazy dog clothing shops! 🎌 x

      • Oh you are so right!! I recall seeing a few crazy outfits at one of the Tokyo markets.
        Lucky you, have a wonderful and safe trip!! Mr. b will be left in good hands I trust? : )

      • Haha- I do my best not to fall our with my mom! And I shall report if I see any crazy stuff in Japan. Yes, Binnie will be looked after by my very capable (?) Paul. I am soooo afraid about the state of our flat when I am back on 16th though. The first thing I have to do will be cleaning… 😱 x

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