Wet, Wet, Wet…

What a tempestuous weather it was! Apart from picking up boots from my trusted cobbler which was conveniently situated just a few minutes away from my flat, I was at home and looking at an incessant rain pelting down from the grey sky all day yesterday. The last-minutes grocery shopping in the afternoon was cancelled because the weather looked too unpleasant and we had stocked up more than enough foods to go through during Christmas already.

Mr.B was not impressed with the weather either. Hiding inside the Strawberry HQ & waiting for me to sit down so he could climb up on my lap…


No, I am not ready to receive you yet. I have to unload a washing machine first…


Are you telling me that there is no law forbidding me to do a laundry on Christmas Day or Boxing Day? Yes, I know but I don’t want to…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

6 thoughts on “Wet, Wet, Wet…

  1. Ahh I heard about the awful weather back in the UK – are you ok? What’s it like in London? Hope the wet weather isn’t dampening your Christmas spirit! If I was in London right now, the bad weather would be an excuse for me to just stay indoors and have biscuits + hot chocolate all day long (^O^)

    • Yeah, it sounds like anywhere other than Central London has been hit really badly by this Atlantic storm. Apart from intermittent rain, I hardly noticed any trouble. And then, watched the news and learnt so many people’s Xmas was ruined! I consider myself very lucky…😉 x

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