Benugo @ Hanover Street

I was just about to have a large bite out of toasted sandwich at Benugo, off Regent Street.
Next to me, a trio of Italian ladies were seated, chatting animatedly and having a hearty laugh. I wished if I understood Italian so I could participate in their fun!
West End seemed to have calmed down. People on the street were pushing suitcases which must be stuffed with the gifts for loved ones or sauntering with smiles on their faces. No longer, anyone was zooming around with a sense of urgency edged on its forehead. Just quiet expectation and satisfaction were sailing in the air.
My final task in London, apart from packing a suitcase for Japan trip, was a visit to a hair salon. My hair was to be highlighted, tinted & cut, therefore, I must have a proper sustenance before sitting down in front of the mirror or my stomach would ramble like a roaring lion!

Amongst many chain sandwich places in London, I single out Benugo for their more than passable coffee and good quality food. And today, I had egg Florentine and latte…


I love their toasted sandwiches…


They are even more agreeable when the outside is cold and windy.

Once my quick bite was finished, I was off to my hairdresser’s.
Highlighting and tinting took ages. The time was spent with chatting, reading magazines and looking the world went by through the window…


Then, off to home to change for dinner. London was winding down for Christmas at last…


And people were heading home too…


Are you ready for Christmas too?…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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