Mr.B’s X’mas Hose Down

How did your Christmas Day go? I hope everyone had a lovely celebration with loved ones. Mine felt like as if I had a “Christmas fatigue” once the D-Day arrived. Too much thought and effort went in during the period up to Christmas Day. And as soon as the 25th came, the exhaustion set in and I didn’t feel like jumping around and shouting ‘Merry Christmas!’ Oh well…

As I have mentioned before, I am leaving for Japan tomorrow. Therefore, my Boxing Day is literally “boxing” up my suitcase. Unfortunately, I  don’t travel light like my Hubbie does and packing for a long holiday does give me a massive headache.

Prior to the trip, there was another task I had to do. Which was…


Washing Mr.B!
I will be away for 3 weeks and won’t like him to be scratching himself mad.

Temporarily, he looked like a visitor from an alien planet…


He was not a happy chap. Would you like to be blow-dried?
One odd thing about Mr.B was his love for a hairdryer! He became visibly happy once I produced my ionic hairdryer…


Once dried & combed, his appearance returned to the usual style, phew!

Even though I look forward to visiting my mum and having a quality time with her, I am worried about the duo, Hubbie & Mr.B, who I am leaving behind for 3 weeks. Because washing-up is a word to be found only in the dictionary of mine and I am not 100% confident if Hubbie knows how to use household appliances. Oh well, what good does me worrying do right now? I can always help him through email & Skype if he is stuck. And let’s not my imagination run wild about the state of our flat when I return on the 16th January…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

6 thoughts on “Mr.B’s X’mas Hose Down

  1. Can’t believe you’re leaving for Japan tomorrow!! It seemed like only yesterday when you said you were coming here a few weeks ago! I hope you have a safe flight and make it out the country – I’ve heard there’s been problems at Heathrow Airport because of the weather? Glad to hear you had a lovely Christmas too 😀 see you soon! x

    • Me too! Let’s cross our fingers so my flight won’t be affected by the havoc caused by Atlantic storm! So far the weather looks calmer but also colder. My cab to Heathrow is booked & an online check-in done. I have even finished my packing!! We shall definitely see each other in Tokyo before I fly back to London on 16th. I’ll let you know when I’m settled in my mum’s place 😀 x

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