A Dog & Sanmon Gate

After paying my respect at the main hall, I headed towards the Sanmon Gate…


The gate underwent a 5 year long restoration work which finally completed in 2007. It houses five wooden Buddhist statues (not available for public viewing), as well as a plaque with calligraphy by the Imperial prince.

When I reached at the Sanmon Gate, a lone dog overtook me…


He had this mischievous expression which I found irresistible.


The dog seemed to be preoccupied with inspecting the scent around this particular pillar…


Once having satisfied with his investigation, he trotted to the edge of the stone slab where it met downward steps and looked out, standing like a wolf on the boulder.
Then, an old man with a blue leash in hand appeared and called him, ‘Come back, you!’


The dog turned towards the direction from where the voice came but showed no willingness to obey…


I think you should go back to your daddy before embarrassing him any further. He is loosing face in front of all the people…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

6 thoughts on “A Dog & Sanmon Gate

  1. A shiba inu! My mother has one and he is the worst boy ever. We could NEVER let him off his leash, he would not only embarrass us but probably run off and make us chase him for miles.

    • The poor owner was really trying hard to get the dog’s attention! In the end, he had to bribe the dog to listen to him. Oh well, there were so many people them. The dog must have been too excited by it…😓

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