A Double-Decker In Nagano

It’s been a week since I arrived at Nagano and seems that I’ve got used to Nagano’s climate. The temperature plunges down to -10 C° in the morning and my feet aches every time I go for walk in spite of the sheepskin insoles in my boots because of the ground being so icy. Still, I love the cleanliness of Nagano’s air which is crisp and still.

While enjoying the bright winter sunshine, I sauntered towards downtown and noticed a familiar figure in red…


A double-decker!

The bus was refitted as a cafe, offering lunch and afternoon snack…


An open rear deck which was one of the main feature of the original double-decker was fitted with double-leaf doors in order to cope with the winter of Nagano…


The menu they offer was mainly western style, consisting of pasta, soup, salad, gratin, cake, pancake, etc…


They also offer hotdogs for a takeaway at the vintage van parked next door…


I couldn’t help feeling a pang of homesick to my beloved London when I saw this iconic red giant.
I miss you, London (and Hubbie & Mr.B, of course)…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

13 thoughts on “A Double-Decker In Nagano

      • It definitely is during this time of the year. Hopefully one day I will be out in London enjoying the double-decker buses. All my best wishes for your future blogging.

    • Ohhhh, I envy you. Even though I like the walk in cold in Nagano, having to don 2 layers (or more!) of fleece at home is not so great. The mountains around Nagano are still covered with snow and no sign of disappearing any sooner. You have no worry! 😋

  1. I can’t believe you are taking so many great photos with it so cold out! I was too cold to take my camera out of my bag in that weather!
    I miss Mr. B updates– the other Japanese dog photos help, but it’s not the same. Perhaps Hubbie should send one of Mr. B to post?

    • It’s really cold outside but I don’t want to sit in front of TV. And the air of Nagano is so clean and makes me feel good! I have more pics for blogging so please watch this space 😜
      I do miss Binnie too! Apparently, he’s started to eat his food again… 😌 x

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