How Not To Travel…

Phew! I’ve nearly finished emptying my suitcase which was labeled “Heavy” at Narita when it was checked in.
How I loathe myself every time I come face to face with my ineptness to pack lightly! I seem to take everything around me, and yet, I can’t feel secure nor comfortable.
My aim for 2014 is to pear down my life. I might not be able to travel with just a toothbrush and a passport but I would love to be free of all the insecurities I have been traveling with.
By the way, this was one thing I loved to bring back home…


A back issue of Vogue Paris, featuring Sofia Coppola.
I used to have a copy but lost it. So I was over the moon when I encountered the magazine at a vintage magazine shop in Jinbo-cho. Jinbo-cho is a huge vintage books trading area of Tokyo. I shall write about the area in near future. So please be patient…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

4 thoughts on “How Not To Travel…

    • This Sofia Coppola issue was on sale in eBay but was so dear. It was over $100 but I found a copy in a pristine condition at Jinbo-cho for less than $20! I do recommend to visit there if you have any particular issues you are after. I visited 2 shops (I shall review them in a later date) and found piles of old Vogues & Harper & Bazaars wrapped in cellophane individually. And they weren’t expensive at all. I was after H&B in the 50s, so the hunt was a bit complicated but if you want the Vogue in the 80s, there were loads. I don’t think the staffs are fluent in English but if you write the issue dates & numbers you are after and show it them, they should be able to assist you. 😄

      • Seriously, all those back issues cost an arm and a leg on Ebay, I refuse to pay that much! Reading about Vogues and HB’s wrapped in cellophane makes me so excited. I’ll have to be on the lookout for vintage bookstores the next time I’m in Japan.

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