Curling Up…

Three days has passed since I came back from Japan. Yet, I am definitely in a state of the post-holiday blues and feeling rather sad and withdrawn.
The time I spent with my mum was simply wonderful and I am full of admiration for her resilience and wisdom. She is truly an amazing individual and I am very lucky to have her as my mum.

I saw this weird cloud before the sunset…


Don’t you agree that it looks like a dragon? I wish if I were with mum and pointing at the sky with her.

I’ll snap out of the blues soon and resume blogging. So please wait for me…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

13 thoughts on “Curling Up…

    • Oh, thank you very much for your kind words. Mum & I had a quality time together after 2 years of not being together physically (been skyping every other day though) and didn’t want it to end ever. I am very lucky to have 2 families on 2 different parts on the earth to care about me. But it also gives me such an anguish everytime I have to leave them behind in order to be with the other ones.
      My life in London is slowly getting back to normal and I’ve started to knit again since yesterday. はい、がんばります!!(^-^)

  1. So glad you’ve started knitting again. Doing something creative is very therapeutic. Could I just ask a boring question – did you find on your trip home that the price for nice things was more expensive than it used to be? There has been so much chat in the UK press about exchange rates, mentioning the Yen, and I wondered if it felt different to you.

    • Hi Agnes. Yes, indeed. I need something to look forward to rather than looking back 😅
      Last time I was there was 2 yrs ago and yen was much stronger than GBP so I felt less inclined to spend money. But this time, yen was weaker and I felt everything was cheaper. Having said that, merchandise in general in Japan is cheaper due to deflation. Therefore, some items are unreasonably cheap. Since Mr.Abe became prime minister, they are trying their hardest to stimulate their stagnated economy and in a way, it’s started to work. About FX, yen can be stronger again if US dollar starts to falter. All connected, isn’t it?😱

      • Yes it certainly is and it is all very complicated for non specialists, but I think it is extremely valuable to learn from people who have first hand experience. Thanks for your reply. I hope your little dog didn’t miss you too much – they sometimes really pine and even stop eating their food. I hope he is well and I bet he was really pleased to have you back home!

      • I hope my observation was any help. I used to have more faith in Japanese products but the shopping experience this time in Japan was a mixed one. The expensive items were still dependable and reliable. However, the cheap ones were not durable and very throw-away. A decades long recession have definitely affected the consumers’ perception about pricing and expectation for products. And sadly, it has made genuine manufacturers’ life very difficult.
        Mr.B was very pleased to see me. He jumped around and ate like no tomorrow. However he stopped eating the next day and acted very subdued. The poor thing was overwhelmed by the sudden turn of event, I guess. Now, he is back to normal ☺️
        I am still living in a weird time zone. Very sleepy in the afternoon and wide awake in the early morning. Once I am truly back in UK sleep-wise, I will find more energy for blogging & etc…😅

      • Your information about the state of the Japanese economy and prices was very useful. Most of the English people I’ve spoken to recently all assumed that everything would be much more expensive.

        I am glad Mr.B has settled back into his normal routine. Hope the jet-lag doesn’t last too. And, thanks again for the info.

  2. It’s so dreary and cold you can’t help but be depressed! I’m glad Mr. B is back to normal too. Kiki gets very excited to see me, but then she also retreats a bit (I think it’s punishment for leaving her!) then warms back up again. : )

    • It’s funny how pets react to the sudden emergence of their owners! If I have any mean, I would love to ask Binnie about his feeling. I am sure he would say how shock he was to see me again & how pi**ed off he was when I left…😁

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