Shit Happens…

Like any other Saturday morning, Hubbie and I plonked ourselves down at a window-side table at the Shepherdess and leafed through tabloid newspapers kindly left by fellow diners…


Oh dear, poor Vladimir.
That hiccup in the opening ceremony seemed to be giving a field day to the British tabloid…



The ring which misbehaved does look like a BP logo, don’t you agree?


Putting Mr.Putin aside, I feel genuinely sorry for the people who worked really hard trying to make the ceremony special. Even though that kind of “hiccup” was unprecedented in the Olympic history as far as I remember, the opening ceremony shouldn’t be remembered just for the glitch. Let’s hope the rest of the game will run smoothly so we can just smile about it.

Oh no, I can’t possibly eat this many eggs! The kitchen always treats us well…


While munching through the heap of foods, I wondered what would have happened if the bummer happened in the London 2012. It would definitely be mocked & mercilessly teased in Have I Got News for You and Graham Norton for years to come.

After all, we are only human, aren’t we? Shit happens & we have to rise above it…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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