A Long Walk @ Tokyo Station

Well, it must have been a longest connection walk mum & I ever did.
Even though, Keiyō Line (京葉線) terminated at Tokyo Station, a distance between Yaesu Exit and the platforms of Keiyō Line stretched nearly 900m, involving 20 minutes of walking.
Latter-day we learnt that the journey would have been much shorter if we traveled to the next station, Yūraku-cho (有楽町), using Yamate Line (山手線) and walked from there!

How ginormous Tokyo Station was, we were tragically unaware of then…


So many shops within the station.
The concourse was lined with countless kiosks selling cakes, colourfully boxed baked sweets and bento box as well as espresso bars, juice stands, bookshops and even a small branch of Uniqlo.

Temiyage (手土産) is a distinctively Japanese custom.
Gift-giving has been a part of their social etiquette for centuries and it has developed into an art form.
In order to cater an appropriate gift for every occasion – for between close friends and families or for more formal relationships, for celebrations or for commiserations, Japanese retailers have developed sophisticated gift ideas to satisfy Japanese consumer’s insatiable eagerness to impress each other. Especially, at major mainline stations, people are more than happy to kill their time, wandering in & out of the kiosks and gift-hunting for loved ones and colleagues…


A welcome sight of a travelator!
Overhead signboards for Keiyō Line kept on informing us how far (or close) we were from the platforms, showing “another 500m”, “another 200m”, etc…


‘Isn’t calling it as Tokyo Station misleading?’ We grumbled as we dragged our weary feet.
We shouldn’t be walking this far just to change to another line. Ridiculous…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

12 thoughts on “A Long Walk @ Tokyo Station

  1. Ah, we always do this long walk when we’re in Tokyo because we need to take the Keiyo line to get to Disneyland. Just seeing the picture of the moving walkway brings back memories of rushing along them to get to the Keiyo platform in time for the next train.

    • Hi I was there from the end of last year until the middle of January.
      It was a shame that we couldn’t meet up. I thought you are super busy in Madarao.
      I will be visiting Japan in November. It would be great if you have time then (^-^)

      • That’d be great. In November, I will probably be working in Tokyo M-Th and either Tokyo or Nagano on the weekends. I am not expecting any business travel this year, but if I go to HQ in London, I’ll also let you know!

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