Dumplings’ Legend @ Chinatown

Are you wondering if my blog starts to morph into kind of a memoir or time-machine? Easter is just around the corner, yet my blog is still stuck in last January! I am so sorry.
The air quality in London today is absolutely atrocious. My chest feels tight and an urge to clear throat is constant. Let’s hope a fresh weather system will sweep away the smog pretty soon. Otherwise, going outside will be a problem for my respiratory system…

After feasting our eyes on those amazing exhibits at the Royal Academy, Fei and I agreed that we were quite hungry. ‘How about some dim sum and noodle?’ What a damn fine suggestion! So we beelined to the Chinatown.

It was the last day of Chinese New Year celebration and the lanterns were still on display…


A restaurant famous for dim sum was Dumplings’ Legend on Gerrard Street.
Behind the glass partition by the entrance, the staffs were busy with crafting their highly delectable parcels, siu long bao (小籠包)…



The restaurant was buzzing with excited diners but an usherette managed to find us a table and we rubbed our hands gleefully while studying a menu. It was a cold night so we both promptly decided upon soup noodle. Fei opted for a bowl of spicy beef noodle and I was to try their house special pork noodle. We also ordered two servings of famed dumplings – prawn & pork, as well as a plate of stir fried green vegetable.

As a starter, our dumplings were brought to the table…



Each parcel was filled with hot meaty juice which we were extra careful not to burn our lips and tongues by biting into it too hastily. I couldn’t remember when was the last time I had a proper dim sum last so the dumplings tasted extra lip-smacking great!

Then, my pork noodle was served but the bowl placed in front of me was nothing like what I imagined…


In a large bowl, there were pale broth and noodle only. However, the dish was accompanied by a separate plate with deep-fried pork, which sported a canny resemblance to Japanese Tonkatsu pork cutlet…


What was I supposed to do with it? Was this breaded pork meant to be added to the soup? I was puzzled. Even Fei had no idea so I decided to eat it as a separate dish since soggy breadcrumb didn’t sound very appealing.

Fei’s noodle looked pretty fiery…


Her eyes were filled with joy upon sipping her first mouthful of the spicy broth. She had a stomach bug a few weeks ago and had to stay clear of spicy foods since then. ‘Mmm… I think I’ve recovered fully!’

After dinner, we paid our customary homage to Maison Bertaux…


We shared a pot of Darjeeling tea and I had an eclair…


The showcase of the patisserie was filled with St Valentines Day theme…


Each cake with a special message. Weren’t they lovely?…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

15 thoughts on “Dumplings’ Legend @ Chinatown

  1. article is quite interesting and hopefully true happiness rays began to warm the hearts of us all, when we can share it with sincerity. Greetings from Gede Prama 🙂

  2. Those dumplings look so scrumptious! I went to Dumplings’ Legend a couple of years ago and they were really delicious! But I always struggle to eat dumplings as I forget that they’re so juicy inside so I either end up burning my mouth or making a mess everywhere (sometimes I do both!) 😀

    • I nearly burn my tongue with their dumpling too! It is hard to be patient when a delicious food is right in front of me. Have you tried any dim sum in Tokyo? Yokohama’s Chinatown sounds amazing – much larger than London’s. They must have amazing dumplings there!! 😉

      • I’ve yet to try dim sum here, but I’m definitely going to make sure I have some before I return home! I’m actually going to Yokohama in a few days time so if we go to the Chinatown there I’ll let you know how the food is!

      • Oh please! I never had any dim sum in Yokohama. Next time I am in Tokyo, I must coax my mum to come with me. She is such a pain when it comes to food preference…:(

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