Hakozaki to Narita

One January morning, I headed to the Narita Airport via T-CAT (Tokyo City Air Terminal) Limousine Bus service. My cab sped through virtually nonexistent Tokyo traffic and delivered me to the bus terminal building which stood right next to the entrance of Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway (首都高速). As my suitcase was already at the airport – thanks to a highly efficient & trustworthy Japanese courier service by Yamato Logistics, I was with just a handbag and a fold-all to tug along and therefore it allowed me to trot through the lobby and dive into the lift which conveyed me to the departure lounge, pronto.

The bus left the terminal on time, carrying a mixture of Japanese and non-Japanese passengers.
Good bye, Tokyo until the next time…


Tokyo Skytree in the distance.
A newish landmark of Tokyo which opened its door to the public just over two years ago. I shall visit their observation deck with my mum one day, I thought. Then, I wondered if she manage to rendezvous with her friend safely. She arranged to meet her old school chum so my departure might not sadden her too acutely. Otherwise, how could I bear to imagine her being alone in the hotel room I just left?

Humongous apartment blocks sporting endless rows of balconies in a whitish hue were dotted along Wangan Expressway (首都高湾岸線), silently gleaming in the morning sun…


A scene of everyday life built on a reclaimed ground over Tokyo Bay, being consisted of a school building with a huge sports ground…


Or a chimney of refuse incinerating plant…


A car carrier trailer laden with bland new cars overtook our bus. In the distance, another chimney, painted in red & white, belonged to a refuse incinerator could be seen…


Multi-storied junctions at Minami Funabashi (南船橋)…


Momentarily, the expressway ran side by side with Keiyō Way (京葉道路)…


Time to time, the view from the bus was blocked by the fence made of noise-reducing boards…


After a little shy of one hour journey, the bus had reached to the perimeter of the airport…


I had a lovely time in Japan. However, all good things had to come to an end…


The bus stopped at Terminal 1 first and half of the passengers disembarked…


Ever courteous staffs bowed low as our driver manoeuvred to pull out, heading towards Terminal 2, my destination…


The dry and cold air, typical of sunny wintry morning, slapped my cheeks as I stepped out from the warm cab and it helped me to snap out of contemplative mood. Oh well, no time to curl up with sentiment. I’ve got to get on with the task. So I went, with my right hand rummaging through the contents of the wallet, looking for a receipt for my suitcase…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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