London Coffee Festival @ Spitalfields

I am very sorry for abandoning blogging for a long time. As the days passed and my blog unlogged, I felt extremely guilty but couldn’t summon enough willpower due to the sciatica attack I was suffering from since two weeks ago. The niggling pain was so uncomfortable and disturbed my life to no end. It stopped me from sitting down or standing up, let alone blogging.
It has got much better now thanks to gentle exercise and physiotherapy I have been prescribed for the past few days. How nice not to have tingly numbness in my foot!

One pre-sciatica attack Sunday, Hubbie and I were hailing a cab on City Road. Our destination was London Coffee Festival in Spitalfields.
We alighted from the cab by the Tesco Metro on Commercial Street and walked towards Hanbury Street…


We followed the sign and soon found ourselves being absorbed into a queue formed by the side of Old Truman Brewery.
Once inside the venue, we were awestruck by the heady mixture of coffee aroma & a large crowd…


The festival seemed to be a huge success, reflecting thriving coffee cultures in London. Queues for sampling the concoctions of the exhibitors were forming everywhere…


The air inside was humid due to all those hissing coffee machines amassed under one roof.
Weaving through the lively crowd, who most of them with a cup of hot coffee in their hands, was a daunting task but Hubbie chaperoned me and we managed to reach a concession occupied by UNION, hand-roasted coffee…


UNION not only prides themselves on their exquisitely roasted coffee but also their sourcing principle. Their beans are produced by small-scale farmers who cultivate them in a sustainable manner…


A cup of tasty flat white, lovingly made by UNION’s staff…


The coffee had aromatic, rich and rounded body without being too overpowering. I must admit the brew was one of the best I tasted in months.
In spite of being insanely busy, Matthew the manager cracked a smile for me…


Another exhibitor I was impressed with was Beanworks Coffee from Derby…


Darren from Beanworks explained to us that they were a small independent company aiming to bring high quality coffee beans from all over the world. Their attitude towards their pride & joy was also reflected on a beautifully designed presentation…


I loved their packaging which was executed in a modern and stylish manner…


The venue was extremely vibrant not only because of overflowing caffeine but also great live music in the main chilling-out area…


A band playing Latin-American tunes…


An outright success of the festival was a clear reflection of London’s thriving coffee culture. The town had been teeming with independent coffee shops with seriously able baristas in recent years but it seemed that we the Londoners couldn’t get enough of this dark aromatic liquid…


I do love tea because tea-drinking is deeply ingrained in daily life in Britain. However, coffee gives us such a kick which tea can never reciprocate.
Don’t you agree that a swig of good coffee is the elixir of life even if it is potent for a very short while?…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

10 thoughts on “London Coffee Festival @ Spitalfields

  1. I hope you’re already feeling a lot better. It does sound like you were in a lot of pain and discomfort.

    I love tea too! It’s definitely part of leading a British lifestyle. I never knew how much tea they drink till I lived with my in-laws for a while. That was when I stopped having sugar in my tea.

    However, like you’ve said, coffee gives us such a kick though. I miss drinking freshly brewed, roasted coffee! Now I’m limited to how much I can take on a daily basis but I can’t wait to indulge in a REAL cup of coffee.

    • The sciatica was horrible! I couldn’t do anything because it was bothering me non-stop.
      About coffee, I can’t drink it much either because it will keep me awake all night if I have too many cups. So when I come to pick a place for my precious cup, it has to be a proper coffee shop with a serious barista. No Starbucks or Costa.;)

  2. Sciatica can be really debilitating at times. Glad you’re much better now. We’re not really coffee or tea (hot) drinkers but when I need to stay awake, coffee really gives me a super kick. And sometimes palpitations. 🙂

    • Yeah, it was my very first proper sciatica attack and I hated it! About coffee, I can’t drink too many cups. In fact, two cups may be the maximum I can drink without having to worry about insomnia. I could drink it bottomless when I was younger. Getting old is also affecting my coffee habit 😦

  3. Woah, didn’t even know there was a Coffee Festival in London! Seeing your photos of Spitalfields market is making me feel a bit homesick 😦 but it looks like you had a great time! The coffee smell must’ve been wonderful!! On a side note, I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better 🙂

    • Hi Olivia, thank you for your get well message! Yes, I was shocked to see how popular the coffee festival was! It was packed with paying visitors (£12 per head) and full of aromatic coffee smell. I really believe the quality of coffee is better in London than tokyo. You will be surprised by the amount of independent coffee shops in here when you are back in the UK. 😉

      • I’m not much of a coffee connoisseur but I love the smell and taste, but since I’ve been here in Japan I’ve mainly stuck to green tea etc. My mum and friends have been telling me about all these new cafes and restaurants that are opening up all over London and I can’t wait to try them out when I get back! I love reading your posts and it keeps me up to date on the food scene back home 🙂

      • Hi Olivia, I am sorry for not replying sooner. I managed to have a whiplash from the last hockey practice and couldn’t stare at my Mac too long.
        I used to not to care too much about coffee but since one of Paul’s clients introduced us to seriously good brew, we are complete covert. No more Costa, Starbucks, cafe Nerro or Pret! BTW, Benugo isn’t too bad. And the one on Old Street, Timber Yard, also does a very good cup! 😉 x

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