Pain Free Tingle Free

My sciatica is completely gone!
I feel really great because not only I am no longer a prisoner of that nasty numbness but also have found a way to keep it at bay. A daily routine of stretches & massages using a tennis ball & a medicine ball has so far worked miracle for me. And I am a total convert!

Mr.B also loves my new regime, especially a yoga mat…


And often, he gets in my way.
Please leave a pillow alone. I didn’t place it there for your nap…


The problem with him is my inability to refuse him…


How can anyone deny him when he pleads like this?…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

14 thoughts on “Pain Free Tingle Free

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better. And hello, Mr B!

    My headaches mean that I have to do exercises every day as well. It ‘s a nuisance, but just one bad bout of pain convinces you it’s worthwhile, doesn’t it? ^^

    • Oh no, you suffer from headaches. Paul is very prone to migraine and can’t live without ibuprofen. What kind of exercise works for headaches? Do you mind if you let me know? XX 😉

      • Ah, migraines are a very different matter. I’m sorry, I probably can’t help.

        My headaches are due to some kind of nasty spinal and muscular issues, but I’m working hard with my Physio and gradually getting better. Sometimes, though, it feels as though we fix one problem just to hit another one!

      • Oh no, a spinal related headache! That sounds very complicated. Ever since I had sciatica, I am more careful when I exercise & stretch. About Paul’s migraine, he should stop staring at the screen too long. He is such a workaholic… 😦

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