Timber Yard & Leica

Mmmm… I am not sure if the new hay fever spray, Prevalin, I bought at Boots last Friday is working or not. I had such high hopes towards the bottle but so far it has made my nose more runny than dry…

I noticed it recently that the internet pages Hubbie was scrolling up and down often sported the same logo. He seemed to be hankering after a certain thing. Then last Saturday, over our customary fry-up, he finally confessed. ‘I’ve been thinking about buying a new camera…’
So that was what he was looking intently, burning the midnight oil.

Before setting out to fulfil his desire, we decided to have latte and cake at Timber Yard on Old Street. We sat along a bench outside and waited for our order…


Timber Yard is known for their seriously well brewed coffee in Clerkenwell.
Accompanying my latte was a large piece of chocolate & walnut chewy cookie and it was one of the best cookies I ever had in my life! I ended up scoffing the entire treat even before Hubbie finished his apple and raisin cake…


The camera dealer Hubbie was interested in would be shut at 4pm so we left the cafe at 3:30pm and headed to Southampton Row by cab.
We arrived at the shop in 15 minutes but the shop had no lights on and the staffs were about to leave. It’s not yet 4pm and why are you closing?? An old man answered, “Sorry we are closed for today”. But before he could close the door, our Mr.B slipped through us and dashed into the shop! I guess the old mam couldn’t resist our pleading looks so he turned the lights back on and invited us in.

The shop was R G Lewis Camera, one of the few Leica dealer in London…


The camera Hubbie was lusting over was Leica M Monochrom digital rangefinder. The model was designed purely for black & white photography…


While Hubbie was in a serious discussion with the staff, Mr.B was happy to roam around the shop floor. He was completely bewitched by the carpet behind the counter and couldn’t help keeping on going back there to have another sniff…


Eventually Hubbie and the old man shook hand and we walked out of the shop with a shopping bag bulging with a camera body and two lenses…


I was so glad that he finally bought something what he was yearning for. He had been taking beautiful images, notably in B+W and the new camera would give him endless joy. I can’t wait to see what he captures with it…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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