Hay Fever Blues…

Most definitely, love is not in the air but pollen is!
My eyes behind a pair of shades feel sharp pricks from the particles in the atmosphere and at the same time, I experience a strangely dry and itchy throat. Oh, it’s so unfair that I can’t enjoy a sunny late spring day like this!
By the way, Mr.B also suffers from hay fever too. He sneezes frequently when he goes out this time of the year. His cute little black nose appears ever more black because it is so runny. As being a doggie, he has no option of blowing nose and therefore he must resort to licking his nose constantly. Mr.B and I are not a big fan of British spring time, I’m afraid.

Despite our seasonal misery, the allure of alfresco dining was too hard to resist and Hubbie, I & Mr.B found ourselves seated at an outside table at Ask Italian on Grafton Way near Warren Street tube one Sunday lunch time…


It was far from sunny but that seemed to lessen the amount of pollen in the air and we definitely sneezed less…


Ahhhh, the crusts!
Mr.B was so keen to inspect what was brought to our table…


I ordered Quattro Stagioni.
This pizza with four different toppings was a perfect solution for someone like me who always got bored in the middle of the meal…


After lunch, we strolled to Waterstone’s Gower Street near UCL to find guidebooks for Hubbie’s trip to Sydney. He was to give a few lectures at a design conference and would be there for 12 days. I imagine the Sydney Opera House would be one of the first images to be captured by the Leica rangefinder he bought the other day…


Then, we dropped in Hubbie’s office in order to print out the itinerary of the trip.
He had to find it through tons of emails and Mr.B & I were very bored…


‘Will he leave this denim with me while he is away?’…


Oh no, I don’t think so.
Why don’t I dig out his old t-shirt and give it to you instead?…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

13 thoughts on “Hay Fever Blues…

  1. Oo and ah – lots of lovely very cute pics of Mr B. I particularly like the top one and the one in the bag. That’s bad luck to suffer with hay fever in London. Have you tried Clarytin (loratadine)? Don’t know if there’s a doggie version though.

    • Hi Agnes, I am trying out absolutely everything I can possibly put my hand on! But none of over the counter stuff seems to be very effective. It may be wiser to trek to my GP but making an appointment etc sounds like such a chore. As long as I don’t go out, I & Mr.B are fine. So we end up staying indoor most of the time. Sooooo Boooorrrriiiinnnngggg! 😦

      • Oh I’m sorry to hear that, just as well you have Mr. B to keep you company. It might be worth trying the GP as they do have a few more prescription only options, but I think a lot of them make you drowsy.

      • Hi Agnes, yes, you may be right. I should go to GP and talk about it. I am taking Piliton, which causes drowsiness, three times a day with not much improvement. My body is so used to the drug already and I don’t feel sleepy at all 😦
        The weather may be a bit wobbly but have a lovely Bank Holiday! XXX

    • Hi Jackie, the pizza was a bit tough to cut through but much tastier than Franco Manca’s, in my opinion 😉
      Binnie seems to be ok if he stays indoor. I know he enjoys the sunshine but hate to see him suffer afterward. Therefore I am keeping him at home. Paul, apparently he is suffering from jetlag and like a zombie right now. He is definitely NOT a jet-setter… 😦

    • Grass pollen is really making my everyday life a misery right now. As soon as I am on the pavement, my eyes start to weep and my nose gets blocked. If anyone clever invents a ultimate solution to hay fever, I will grant him/her a Nobel Prize!! The pizza was a bit tough but the topping was ace. Binnie enjoyed his share of crusts too 😉

    • Hahaha~ have you ever seen a doggie runny nose? He is so busy licking his nose, it drives him crazy!
      Yes, we MUST meet up very soon. Do let me know when you are free, Madam BusyBee 😉 xxx

    • Oh I wish if I could exterminate all the pollen! But then if I did, there would be no flower or grass. So my suffering goes on until this annoying hay fever season is over. Binnie seems to be fine if he is staying indoor. Ahhhh, we are missing all the sun & parks 😦 xx

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