No Quick Fix…

‘Oh, you have to talk to your GP if you need anything stronger’, my local pharmacist shrugged his shoulder apologetically. I was at a chemist, hoping if they had any effective solution to my ongoing hay fever misery, but I was out of luck.
As soon as I hit the outside, my eyes, especially left one, become teary and uncomfortable. Unlike Hubbie and Mr.B, I don’t suffer from a torrent of sneezes. However, I feel my left sinus, which is swollen, puts pressure on my eye from the inside and irritates it to no end. Why spends a small fortune on medications which only gives me a weak & short relief?! I’ve already been taking Piritons, Beconase nasal spray, Prevalin spray as well as eye drop since the beginning of the spring. Yet, my day out is always slightly ruined by stuffed nose and prickly eyes. Before taking refuge in the Starbucks by the tube, I was going to West End. However, I found it too gusty and dusty and ended up changing my mind. It looks like I am gonna be under house arrest until this damn grass pollen season is over… *SOB*

Now, these are a couple of sights I encountered on my way home.

The claddings reminded me M.C.Escher’s Impossible Constructions…


And fluffy clouds resembling flying saucers…


Please someone and anyone, invent a miracle cure for my seasonal ailment…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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